Monday, May 13, 2013

Project No Buy - Week Five

This week, I was burnt out from posting daily last week haha. I didn't post as much as I would like, so one of the goals I've set for next week should remedy that!

Sugarpill had a 20% off sale May 8, and Shiro Cosmetics is offering 15% off to everybody on the MakeupAddiction reddit for the month. How's a girl supposed to maintain her no-buy with things like that going on!? Thankfully, the Sugarpill shadows I'd have wanted were already sold out, and I have a few Shiro Cosmetics eyeshadows I haven't swatched yet, so I'm restraining myself.

This week also saw my computer crash and I lost all of my files, so that was tough. Back to blogging now towards the end of the week, but probably not enough to make up for it.

-$3.83 -Alba Botanica Makeup Remover Wipes - I purchased 2 packs when only 1 was "essential"
-$32.00 - ELF Haul - I am returning some things or else the total would have been $43 :)

Money in Spending Bank after purchases: $75.77-$34.83 = $40.94

Weekly Goals -
+$5 Post at least 1 makeup, 1 nail polish, 1 nail art, and 1 eyeshadow specific post.
       - Makeup, nail polish, nail art, and eyeshadow !
+$0 Write a story and make a piece of digital art to post on Controlled Derangement
       - I didn't get a chance to make any digital art because I lost Photoshop for a while
+$5 Stick to proper skincare routine for the whole week. No skips allowed
       - I did this and grumbled about it like a grouchy old man every night to boot

Empties - An "Empties" post with my opinion is coming up soon!
+$2 Nail Polish Remover, CVS Brand
+$2 Pack of cotton rounds
+$2 Bubble Gum Lip Smackers Chapstick
+$2 Boost Tangelo Woods Body Lotion
+$2 Seche Clear Basecoat 

Reviews -
+$11 April 2013 Empties - here
+$2 Windestine Secret Garden + A England Galahad - here
+$1 Victorian Disco Cosmetics, Zombie Flesh - here

Reading -
+$3.74 - I Heart Ed Small, by Shirley Johnson - Decent first half, and then it got bad
+$2.29 - Perfect, by Autumn Jordan - So bad. So, so bad.
+$3.57 - Sweet Venom, by Tera Lynn Childs
+$9.60, rounded to $10

  1. Write a story and make a piece of digital art to post on Controlled Derangement - REPOST
  2. DIY the Sigma Brush Cleaner Glove + Deep clean all brushes
  3. Finish all planning for Memorial Day Weekend trip to Virginia Beach

($40.94) + ($44) = $84.94

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  1. Nice job! I am totally with you, my biggest problem with buying stuff is when I see the word SALE. It's my weakness. Thank goodness I have every Sugarpill shadow...although I didn't think about it and could have gotten a few lashes(good thing I didn't haha). I totally didn't see the SHIRO sale though, eek. I only wanted the birthday and cotm shade....and maaaybe a custom lipgloss, haha. I better be careful or I am going to go crazy at the end of the month which probably totally defeats the purpose of the no-buy, lol.