Monday, May 13, 2013

Victorian Disco Cosmetics - Zombie Flesh Nail Polish Swatches And Review

Oh gosh my blog post titles get massively large. Maybe I'll shorten the brand posts down by acronym. Like using VDC instead of the full Victorian Disco Cosmetics. Oh well, doesn't matter too much until I have a larger following of active followers!

THE GOOD NEWS: I HAVE ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE 6 INSTALLED! I took the opportunity to upgrade from 5.5 to 6 after the computer crash. They've really changed the GUI between the 5.5 and 6 update so it'll take me a couple days to get up to speed haha. I'm sure there are tons of new features to explore too!

VDC's Zombie Flesh was a limited edition release. A minimal quantity of trial-size nail polishes were sold for $4 each with the promise of a full-sized bottle upon review. I was going to review the polish anyway but a full-sized bottle of this beauty will be great! It performed wonderfully and I am excited to have more. The color is beautiful.


All photos are unretouched except for addition of NailSparks logo on bottom right :) 
Cleanup was a little difficult because I wasn't used to the brush & thickness

Zombie flesh is a seafoam green holographic nail polish. It can almost look mint or pistachio green depending on the lighting. The nail polish is certainly reminiscent of a 'zombie' green, but I think some more yellow could be added to give it the proper zombie flesh color.

The formula is on the thicker side but hopefully when it's in a full-sized bottle with some mixing balls inside, that won't be an issue. I did take issue with the nail polish brush used however: It was quite thick and didn't spread wide easily, making it harder for me to get into the sides of my nail without then overloading it with nail polish. Keep in mind that VDC's website informs you that formula is thicker so I was expecting that.

Full opaque coverage was achieved in 2 thin careful coats. Adding top coat does not affect the strength of the holo once the top coat has dried. When I initially topcoated it, the holo was drastically dulled and I got so sad!! But then once it dried down, it was full-strength holographic compared to the nails that didn't have topcoat yet. And it was SHINYYYYY.

All pictures above were taken with:

  • Nail Tek Formula II Basecoat
  • VDC Zombie Flesh, 2 coats
  • Revlon Quickdry Topcoat, 1 coat
Overall, upon review, I would like to see improvements in:
  • The type of brush that the mini nail polishes are bottled in
  • Formula could stand to be a liiitle thinner. If it's already on the thick side, I foresee needing to add thinner to the bottle in the future 
  • Holographic effect could be stronger. It's pretty, but subtle in most lighting, making it fairly work-appropriate as far as holographic nails go
Thanks for reading guys! I'm looking forward to more VDC purchases in the future!! Zombie Flesh will be back in stock soon so keep your eyes out :) Shop & Facebook links were in the intro banner above.

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