Friday, May 10, 2013

ELF Haul

Hey guys!! I'm taking the opportunity to upgrade to Adobe Creative Suite 6! (I was running CS5.5 before) so while the Master Suite downloads, I'm going to put up the ELF Haul!

I'm such a noob without my beloved Photoshop. I suppose I could install Gimp or something temporarily but I can't function without it!! And I don't want to clog up my brand new reset with extra programs either. Now I'm legitimately at a loss trying to figure out how I'm going to crop my pictures...I feel like a design cripple.

Edit: After much brainstorm time during which I felt like an idiot and Photoshop failed to finish downloading, here's what I've got


  • ELF 4-Pan Compact - $1 each
  • ELF Eyeshadow Pans - $1 each
  • Brush Shampoo - $3 each
  • Brushes - $3 each
  • Mineral Lipstick - $5 each
My biggest happiness is the 4-pan eyeshadow compacts. They're less clunky than the Urban Decay BYOP's, less expensive than the empty MAC palettes, and fit both Urban Decay and MAC eyeshadows along with their own ELF house brand eyeshadows. If you only buy one type of thing, make sure to stock up on these babies. I wish they had bigger empty compacts, I'd snatch them right up!! The mineral lipsticks were a splurge at $5 each (For ELF) but the colors were so pretty I just had to.

Check out the full image-heavy post after the jump.

ALSO - Are these jumps annoying? Would you rather just scroll through the content without clicking to read more?

The compacts and eyeshadows are a STEAL at $1 each. They have already put together palettes that range from $3-6 depending on what you pick up but because formula can be hit or miss, I liked the customization option. The colors I've picked are all very well pigmented!

Compact 1: (Top) Taupe, Sage, (Bottom) Moondust, Dusk
Compact 2: (Top) Wisteria, Periwinkle, (Bottom) Navy, Purple
                             A quick note - Wisteria and Periwinkle are insanely pigmented. My faves


MAC Satin Taupe in top left. Depotted Urban Decay Twice Baked in top right.

Mineral Lipstick 1: Beautiful Berry
Mineral Lipstick 2: Barely Bitten
                             I will edit in swatches of the eyeshadows & lipsticks later!

FACE (?)

I didn't buy any face products (Like blush or powder or foundation or concealer or whatever) but I did purchase a few brushes to be used on my face! I also picked up brush cleaner (Giant bottle for $3) to go with them. I may go back for some blushes and also to pick up their HD Finishing Powder and the Flat Top Kabuki brush that they were out of! 

Of all the ELF brushes that are around, here are a few that I deem "essential" 
  • $1 concealer brush. It's amazing for cleaning up manicures but isn't sold in that store yet
  • Eyeshadow "C" Brush - This brush can do anything. Pat color onto lids, contour crease, blend, shade. EVERYTHING
  • Contour Brush - The Soho *Sold in Walgreens* crease brush is my current fave. This one felt very similar to it in density & shape, but it's cheaper. I'll be able to do a full review after I start using these.
  • Small Stipple Brush - I already owned the large one and it is FLIMSY. The small one is lovely and dense - great for blending in liquid foundation!! I use the large one for blush because I like a very light application. I purchased the small stippling & "C" brush based on a friend's rec. and they're two of her faves!

Thanks for reading lovelies! If you get a chance to go to ELF @AllKindsOfBeauty, let me know what you get!! I hope my mini-reviews helped. If you've got any questions, ask awayyy :)


  1. Wow those compacts are cheap. I have one that someone put a few mac shadows I traded for with them. Does it fit the new UD shadows? I usually use my z-palette's but for a dollar why not! They will probably fit makeup geek shadows too. :-) I really like my elf dollar brushes and the eye contour brush. I'll have to stock up when I am on vacation. Might have to check out the stipple brush too.

    1. Heyy, my Twice Baked is in the new formula :) It fits them, you just need to depot them first. I put some wax paper on my hair straightener, and put the eyeshadow on top of that (You take it out of the UD token first of course). Once the glue starts melting and loosening, I used tweezers to push the pan out of the softened plastic. Everything's really hot so be careful.

      YESS they'll fit all 26mm eyeshadow pans :) You could even buy empty pans at TKB Trading and press your loose eyeshadows into them haha. They're actually shockingly sturdy too.

      They don't sell the $1 brushes at the ELF store here but if you get the stipple brush, small is MUUUCH better than large!