Sunday, April 28, 2013

Project No Buy - Week Three

Just to stay on top of things - I confess that I begin drafting the next week's No Buy purchase early in the week. That way I can add in the purchases, rewards, reviews, empties, etc as the week goes by rather than rack my brains and Paypal payment history at the end to figure everything out. It saves a ton of time, trust me!! This week was VERY tempting! I discovered Darling Girl Cosmetics has $1.00 review packs but told myself not to purchase anything until I catch up on some pending makeup reviews!

I see that this week is making me into a better blogger. I've been much more diligent with uploading and watermarking pictures and also just posting content to this blog in general! Honestly seeing that people are reading and commenting on my posts is also such an achievement. Love you guys for helping me become a consistent blogger! The support really helps

-$ No purchases this week but damn, that was hard. So many temptations. Thankfully, between attending Senior Week events (Boat Cruise and Formal!) to spending time with my boyfriend, my time to shop was limited. That really helped :)

Money in Spending Bank after purchases: $14.00

Weekly Goals -
+$5 Organize my nail polish closet + separate polishes for sale/swap
       - Done, this will come in handy for one of next week's goals!
+$5 Organize all of my makeup into the Muji + separate makeup for sale/swap
       - I did not purchase the Muji containers (yay self control) but did organize and separate!
+$5 Post 2 nail related posts + 2 makeup related posts this week
       - Nail posts are here and here. Makeup related posts are here and here! Great success xP

Empties - An "Empties" post with my opinion is coming up soon!
+$2 Murad Spot Treatment
+$2 Clear Care RGP Lens Cleaning Solution

Reviews -
+$1 Nerd Lacquer, Exterminate - here
+$5 BFTE eyeshadows in Hangover, Sweet Nibblets, Wanted, Marigold, Whimsey - here
+$1 NerdLacquer, Quantum Bluniverse - here
+$1 OCC Super NSFW Lip Tar - here

Reading - Still on that mindless romance flow. I blame you, pixelofink
+$2 Smart Mouth Waitress
+$3 The Do Over
+$4The Seven Steps to Closure
+$3 What I Didn't Say

  1. Clean up my room + basement. And I mean REALLY clean. 
  2. Sell off at least $60 worth of nail polish and makeup to fund spending bank
  3. Blog every single day on both Controlled Derangement and here

($14.00) - ($0) + ($39) = $53 


  1. nice! congrats on the great week :)

    1. Thank youu! I'm looking forward to seeing your posts too, it'll be even more motivation for both of us!

  2. Wow you're on a roll this week! Nice job! I do that too, draft my blog post early on because it helps me keep track of things. :-) Oh btw I love my muji drawers! I did a blog post on them. I finished organizing everything a month ago and it felt so good.

    1. Wooo thanks! I've really padded the bank, now this week it's time to earn enough money to actually be able to spend if I wanna haha.

      I don't see your blog post on the Muji Drawers...let me go through and try to find it! That's great that you love them though, it really helps me make a decision. I'm not sure if I want to count that purchase towards my no buy or not though. D:

    2. I was just about to link you but saw you found it. :-) Now you know why I am on a no-buy, haha. I also added a search bar to my blog so searching will be easier now. :-)

      Hm, that's a tough one, on whether to count it towards your purchases, technically it's not actual makeup, but I suppose it's makeup-related. I would go with no though, because I think part of a no-buy is to establish what you have and use and to eliminate excessive purchasing, but I don't think storage really counts in that regards, you know? That's my take on it anyways.

    3. Yay for search bars! I was going to suggest you do that xP
      I see what you mean! However, I've realized that I've got so many other things to fix in my room first that I don't need the Muji yet, and it's not really going anywhere in the meantime! I know if I count it in my no buy, I'm less likely to spend money on it but at the same time....graduation present season is coming up. Nobody's telling my parents not to purchase it for me... xD

    4. Haha! Yes, always better as presents. And I agree, it's not like it's limited or something, you can really get them whenever you want. I was lucky there is a store really close to me, so I got a couple and didn't have to deal with shipping, and if I needed more I could just go back, if I have to pay shipping I tend to go overboard and buy ALL THE THINGS haha, because I don't want to pay shipping over and over. lol.

    5. YEAH! I'm going to go to a Muji store as well - I don't want to pay that 'handling fee' on top of shipping! Buy all the things is the motto that landed me in this no-buy in the first place LOL