Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nerd Lacquer - Quantum Bluniverse

This is a quickie post! What happened is that I put this manicure on over Nail Pattern Boldnes's Glitter A Peel, which I have been testing the last week or so, and did not have any success with the mani's longevity. Moreover, I managed to ruin the state of my nails enough to cut them down really short. SO UNHAPPY!

But I cut them, buffed them, and braved the Glitter A Peel once more for NerdLacquer, Quantum Bluniverse.

NerdLacquer - Quantum Bluniverse is a gorgeous polish. I cannot get tired of praising NL polishes, honestly. Sadly, I've only got one polish left to review for you guys as I was only able to purchase 5 polishes from her shop. I had originally hoped for 10! BOOHOO

This is a cobalt blue base loaded with color-shifting shimmer. On top of that, it's got beautiful square blue glitter and varying sizes of golden/bronzed glitter as well. It is opaque in two coats - I did not need to layer anything underneath for my swatches. It is packed with glitter so some dabbing is required to move glitter around to where you want it and I found myself actually trying to take OFF some glitter because my nails would get overloaded with it.

The formula, unfortunately, is not as perfect as I hoped. It's a fairly opaque base color loaded with glitter, and falls sort of thick and harder to work with than other NerdLacquers that I own. Further, the larger gold hexes do sink to the bottom so some shaking or storing upside down prior to application would be helpful. It looks amazing once it's on though!! Just be warned that everything's not smooth sailing though I wished it had been.

If you like, you can buy Nerd Lacquer polishes for $10.00 each at Nerdlacquer.comGood luck though, she sells out FAST. Like 1000 bottles in 2.5 minutes 

Follow Nerdlacquer on Google+ for updates on restock times!


  1. I love how physicsy that is! It looks great too! I have so much on this blog to catch up on, I feel so lost now XD One of these days..

    1. Duuude don't even touch this blog until after your finals are over! Seriously, it can wait a week. And don't worry, only the recent 3-4 weeks of content are any good. Before that, this stuff was very sporadic and lacked quality photography. I'm getting much better post after post now I think.

      I'm all giggly and self conscious that you're reading my Nailsparks blog now though. You're such a routine part of CD that I'm not sure how much you'll relate to the beauty stuff here!