Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nerd Lacquer - Exterminate Swatches and Review

I've already swatched my faaavorite polish from my order, Cyance Friction. Exterminate was something I bought on a whim - my boyfriend saw me browsing through swatches and he really liked the color combo, so I went with it. I'm not disappointed at all!

NerdLacquer, Exterminate - This polish was unexpectedly pretty! I was unsure about how well the glitters would show over the brown base but the formula did not disappoint. Exterminate is a bronzed brown base packed (And I mean PACKED) primarily with blue and gold/bronze glitters. If you look closely at the swatch, there are also some black glitters sprinkled throughout, but I didn't notice them on my nail and only picked up on them when I was looking at swatch pictures.

For my swatches, I wore:

  • Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter A Peel Basecoat - Detailed review coming soon
  • China Glaze, Call of the Wild (Dark brown creme) - 1 Coat
  • NerdLacquer, Exterminate - 2 Coats
  • Cult Nails Wicked Fast Topcoat

This is an 'indirect sunlight' picture. You can see that the glitters ost definitely did not get lost! I did use 2 coats of topcoat - one in the night and one in the morning - so the finish was fully smooth to the touch as well.

This picture was taken indoors, so artificial lighting. Aaaagh this looks so beautiful in its bottle shots too :) I did have to fish a little bit for the larger glitters because a lot of them sink to the bottom or are stuck to the sides. How annoying! But a little tiny bit of extra fishing and placing effort ensured that my OCD self had nice glitter distribution and some layering going on.

And now, a bonus sunlight shot to show you how gorgeous it looks when it's sparkling in the sun!!!! I mean c'mon, you can't deny. IT IS GORGEOUS.

My review/thoughts:
This polish is very thick from how densely packed with glitter it is. It did not make application too hard, but it did require a little bit of manipulation to make sure my nails weren't being flooded with glitters (Too much glitter in one layer = clumpy and bumpy finish). Other than that issue, the formula spread and layered like a dream. I could probably have done 2-3 coats and built it up to opacity but there was just so much glitter packed in the formula that I chose to use a basecoat and avoid layering the glitter so thickly. The first coat of Exterminate was dabbed on, and then a second coat was used to fill in around the edges and uneven glitter gaps. As I said, be prepared to manipulate the polish around a little. It's not that hard or time-consuming, but just something you should know!

Unfortunately, my basecoat here is the reason you see all the unfortunate chips and 'tipwear.' Let's just say that Glitter A Peel did not live up to my longevity expectations. These swatches were taken the morning after I put on my manicure. No shower in between (I showered in the evening before putting this manicure on) and I spent most of the time sleeping. Glitter A Peel is a great glue-type basecoat when you want an easy to remove glitter manicure, but don't expect it to last longer than the evening you need it for :(

If you like, you can buy NerdLacquer polishes for $10.00 each at Nerdlacquer.comFollow Nerdlacquer on Google+ for updates on restock times!

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