Wednesday, April 24, 2013

BFTE Cosmetics - Yellows and Golds

Hey you guys! A while ago, Beauty from the Earth Cosmetics (BFTE Cosmetics) had a laaaarge sale going on. Prices on sample jars were knocked down to $1 each and if you spent a certain amount, you had an additional 40% (Or so. I don't remember exactly) off your entire order. A great deal is, of course, an opportunity that I cannot pass up.

I picked up a ton of eyeshadows, mostly the matte shades, because I was on a matte eyeshadow kick that particular point in time but also because I thought it'd be a great way to pick up some quality makeup cheap and then feature it on my blog. The swatches have been sitting around on my camera for FARRR too long, so here it goes!

Check out the swatches & review underneath the jump!


Hangover, along with Sweet Nibblets is a matte finish shade. I'm not sure if you can buy it individually anymore, but you can get both shadows in The Matte Set, which comes with 16 samples in a sample tin! 

Hangover is a yellow-ish orange matte finish shade. If I put it in my mom's kitchen, I could see her accidentally mistaking it for turmeric. If it didn't smell like eyeshadow, I would even suspect that there was some turmeric in there lol.

I swatched this with primer underneath and felt that primer was definitely necessary to have Hangover show up with the proper pigmentation. Without primer, the matte shades tend to sheer out very easily and apply patchy. Thankfully, this didn't feel chalky and looked beautiful once I built it up to opacity.

Sweet Nibblets

This eyeshadow is similar to Hangover. It is a matte shade and also available in the same 16 piece sampler tin that Hangover comes in! 

Sweet Nibblets is more yellow-based than Hangover! Pigmentation was decent over primer, and meh without. I've included a comparison picture of the two so you can see the difference :) 


I am learning my mistake. I did these swatches so long ago that my memory on the details is fuzzy. This is a light golden shade with some pretty sheen to it. No glitter...maybe you could call it shimmer? It glides on like butter and it's super buildable with medium pigmentation. It's not sheer, but it's not WHAMBAM in your face either. It'll make for a nice hint of color on more fair-skinned girls but on my darker eyelids, I don't see it doing much unless I white them out first with some concealer or NYX Milk or something to that effect. 

It looks much darker in the jar than it does on my skin, right? I think my camera was just thrown off by the shimmer or something. Trust the swatch color over the sample jar color please!


Marigold is one of my favorites from all of the BFTE colors I purchased. It's a beeeeautiful golden color and I definitely gravitate towards golds/coppers/bronzes since they look great on my skintone. This one has a lighter golden shimmer that catches the light and looks fabulous!

I swatched this with and without primer and I have to say, I like the look of it even without primer, though the amplified look with primer makes it suitable to wear out at night. It's a good way to take it from day to night actually...just dampen your brush at night and intensify the color in the outer portion of your eye makeup. 

I can actually also see this looking great as an eyeliner (I could make use of my Foiled Again Mixing Medium from Pumpkin and Poppy!) as well. It's not too dark that it'll get lost on my lids but it's not jarringly light either. Es perfecto. Observe below:


Last but not least, we have the darkest gold shade from this collection, Whimsey :) This one also had some great pigmentation and came off bronzed in certain lighting. In fact, I think it's safe to call it a bronze eyeshadow. I have shown it below with and without primer!

RECAP of the BFTE Yellows and Golds

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