Monday, April 29, 2013

BFTE - Blues and Purples Eyeshadow Review

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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams is a soft pillowy light blue matte shade! I was on a matte kick when making my order that day, what can I say!? It looks gorgeous in the pot and reminds me of bright and happy sunny days :)

Sweet Dreams applies chalky and patchy without primer but with primer and proper base (think NYX Milk), the eyeshadow will definitely pop. I'm not sure my darker NC42 skin can pull it off though. Make sure to pat the eyeshadow rather than swipe it across the lid - the finely pilled powder will sheer out too quickly and not apply well otherwise. Another option remains patting or foiling this onto your lids with water or some other mixing medium.


Riveted is my favorite shade from this batch :) It's a gorgeous shimmery cornflower blue shade. BFTE's site describes this as a "Midtone royal blue with a pearl finish" but I think cornflower blue applies much more accurately, at least on my skintone. The pearl  finish shows wonderfully once the shadow is applied over primer as seen in the bottom photo. In fact, it looks AMAZING over primer. I'm in love. It's magical.

The formula on this was better than Sweet Dreams and I even like how it looks without any primer - my skintone shows through but it's not patchy and nice for a more subtle wash of color. If you're picking one blue BFTE eyeshadow, this is it in my opinion.


Unfortunately BFTE has discontinued Insomnia so you'll have to hunt for similar shades elsewhere. It's an interesting color - I would probably layer it over black or dark brown in the crease. It's a reddish brown undertone with a blue/violet duochrome shimmer on top, and it definitely needs primer to show it's true beauty. Not my favorite, but not too bad either. If you think this is a color you can work with, check it out- the quality is great and medium pigmentation helps you control the depth and intensity of color. It is buildable.


Ahhh, Denim. I was really hoping for it to be darker than it is. In the jar it held SO much promise! It's kind of sheer and faded looking both with and without primer. And on my dark lids, it doesn't really do much. I am disappoint.

Belle of the Ball

This is similar to Denim in that it applied much lighter than the color I was expecting from pictures and the powder in the jar. Although primer does redeem the shade somewhat by making it less patchy and intensifying the color a little bit, I'm not terribly impressed. If you want a midtoned purple though, maybe it'll be more up your ally. BFTE's Belle of the Ball is not the dark eggplant purple crease color I was hoping for, but it's a lovely matte purple nonetheless. Pigmentation is good. Not great, but much better than the pigmentation in other matte shades. It wasn't chalky, so yay :)


Last but not least, we have Navy! Navy is as dark as I had hoped Belle of the Ball would be :) I can't wait to use it in my crease or foiled as eyeliner. It's a dark navy blue matte shade and it will make for a great smoky eye as well. This is pigmented and bold and gorgeous and I love it.

RECAP of the BFTE Blue and Purple Eyeshadows

All shades will benefit from primer underneath, and require that you pat them onto your lid rather than swipe to build ideal opacity. They blend easily but some of the matte shades will quickly sheer out if you overblend, so be careful of that. My favorite from this lot is Riveted, hands down. It's dreamy :)


  1. Lovely swatches :D I love how you edit your pictures! I need to learn from you xD

    1. Awww thank you! If you teach me how to take better pictures, I'll teach you how to edit them xP