Sunday, April 21, 2013

Project No Buy - Week Two

This will feel more like a 'real' No Buy update as I've actually been using the rewards system this week and have more things to update you on! I have also made some purchases (The words "limited edition" and "pryanka" just don't mix too well. My trigger finger, it itches!)

I know that this first time around, I sort of cheated the system by making purchases and then subtracting the amount from my reward money. I was just sort of messy getting it started but from next week on, the money thing will sort itself out. I just posted Week One too early from excitement and should have waited until Sunday so I had goals and such to earn reward money from for the first week. Since I didn't, I reversed the calculations (So as not to be $62 in debt my first week haha) but will do things normal after this.

-$03.00 - Nail Pattern Boldness Peel-Off Basecoat (x2) (One will be for a giveaway so $$ doesn't count)
-$16.00 - Victorian Disco Cosmetics - Still A Better Love Story (4 Mini jars) and VDC LE Nail Polish - Zombie Flesh (.5ml mini for $4 with free FS bottle after review & feedback)
-$12.00 - Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner - Freak

Weekly Goals -
+$5 Follow up on law school applications + status on LSAC reports for all schools
       - Sent e-mail reminders to all LOR writers + made sure LSAC has everything else
+$5 Post about/swatch my Pumpkin & Poppy giveaway prizes PLUS post at least twice more this week
      - Pumpkin & Poppy giveaway post is here and I also posted this and this
+$5 SPRING CLEANING! Do the laundry, take out the winter stuff, take out donate-able clothes, etc
      - I did this! My basement no longer looks like a pigsty where a rocket full of clothing exploded

Empties - An "Empties" post with my opinion is coming up soon!
+$2 Murad Clarifying Lotion
+$2 Murad Clarifying Cleanser
+$2 St. Ives Apricot Scrub [Use on my body & feet, not my face!]
+$2 Chella Eyebrow Defining Gel (3.5ml mini)
+$2 CVS Rigid Gas Permeable Conditioning Solution
+$2 Nailtiques Formula 2 Nail Protein Basecoat

Reviews -
+$1 Nerd Lacquer, Cyance Friction - here
+$1 Nerd Lacquer, Exterminate - here
+$3 Pumpkin & Poppy "One Ring" eyeshadows - here
+$1 Muji Acrylic Makeup Storage System - here
^ Content for those posts is ready but I didn't post them. GOSH DARN IT

Reading - I am on a stupid romance kick this week. Must start reading more intellectual things soon
+$3 Bunny Love
+$3 Free Gift With Purchase
+$3 Always the Baker, Never the Bride
+$3 Always the Designer, Never the Bride
+$3 Always the Wedding Planner, Never the Bride
+$2 Double Trouble (The Coxwells)

  1. Organize my nail polish closet + separate polishes for sale/swap
  2. Organize all of my makeup into the Muji + separate makeup for sale/swap
  3. Post 2 nail related posts + 2 makeup related posts this week

($0) + ($45.00) - ($31.00) = $14.00 


  1. Congrats on getting into Law school! And wow that's a lot of empties, haha, I somehow rarely have them? And who needs intellectual reading when you have romance novels? I just finished the Beautiful Creatures series, Warm Bodies and The Fault in Our Stars...somehow I think those all qualify as romance in a weird way...oh well. haha.

    1. Trust me, the empties are the exception, definitely not the norm. Starting the no buy helped me sort out my near empties and use the crap outta them properly!! Thank you so much, I'm very excited to have heard positively, definitely needed the confidence boost haha. LOL they are quirky slightly romantic books, and you're right, I did plenty of intellectual reading in college. So over it xP

    2. Haha, yah after I finished grad school I remembered what a "fun" book was again. Have you tried the Freak liner yet? I really want that one, and Chaos. How did you get it for $12?? They were sold out online when I was looking unfortunately. I found a couple on ebay though...I am a total ebay whore, if I can find it cheaper, I will. LOL. The no buy will get easier. ;-)

    3. Booo I haven't worn it yet because of work :( It's too awesome a liner to use at work, the other people just wouldn't get me. It looks awesome though and I can't wait. I'll take pictures when I wear it because you asked! Not Ebay, I do all of my makeup sales/swaps on :) Somebody was splitting up the Urban Decay vault there and sold all the liners she didn't want for $10 each plus shipping

    4. OK you are AWESOME!! I found all three liners I wanted on reddit for $12 each including shipping! So glad I didn't buy them at sephora or on ebay. Thanks for the tip! I better watch myself though on there I could get in trouble and spend all my makeup money, haha!

    5. Lawlzzz you are welcome! Yes definitely be careful! I am 'prysmatique' over there so feel free to shoot me a friend request or something over there! I only use reddit to swap/sell on MUE right now, but you should tell me your username and I'll keep an eye out for ya!

      I'm glad you got the 3 you wanted though! You definitely saved a ton of money that way. I've taken to selling off my extra things there to 'fund' my makeup bank actually

    6. I do that too, I sell things in swap groups on fb a lot to buy other stuff I want. I think I saw your name there and wondered if it was you for some reason haha. I will friend you, my name is novocainedreams over there.