Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nerd Lacquer - Cyance Friction Swatches and Review

Guys I can't EVEN gush enough about how excited I am to be featuring this nail polish on my blog. Get ready for about 50 too many unnecessary manicures of this. (Okay fiiiine, I won't spam you that badly)


Readers, please excuse the possible misuse of the above gif here. I just had to show you how I reacted when I saw that I was getting me some Nerd Lacquers during her last restock. She sold almost 1000 bottles of polish IN THREE MINUTES FLAT. I mean, what the fudge!?

Expect to see more Nerds on the blog as I slowly work my way through wearing them. I'm not going to just swatch em, I'm going to wear each one! So they'll pop up over the course of a few weeks. But now onto the good stuff!

Cyance Friction is a beautiful green-leaning teal jelly polish packed with glitter. There are large gold hexes, mid-sized gold and turquoise hexes along with a beauuuutiful gold-to-violet shifting shimmer. My camera was unable to showcase the violet shimmer that well. One of the last swatches I took SORT OF has that ability, but the macro shot above shows you the gold and violet tones of the color-shifting shimmer!

This picture is taken outdoors in natural sunlight
Indoors in bright white office lighting. The violet shimmer is camera-shy in artificial light!
I used 2 coats of Nerd Lacquer Cyance Friction on all of my nails. I had to fish a little for the bigger gold hexes (OH BUT LOOK AT HOW SQUISHY AND FULL OF DEPTH MY NAILS ARE) but the mid-sized gold and turquoise hexes came out just fine. 1 coat of topcoat was enough, the formula was SURPRISINGLY not that gritty, like many other extremely overpriced glitter blends are *coughLynderellacough*

Polishes used in this manciure: Nail Tek II Foundation Basecoat, Nerd Lacquer Cyance Friction (2 coats), Revlon Quick Dry Topcoat
AHA! I found the violet shimmer. The base color lies though, it's got more green to it in reality

This is more color-accurate than the indoor swatches were! More teal, less blue

If you like, you can buy Nerd Lacquer polishes for $10.00 each at Nerdlacquer.com. Good luck though, she sells out FAST. Like 1000 bottles in 2.5 minutes 

Follow Nerdlacquer on Google+ for updates on restock times!

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