Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pumpkin and Poppy - Winning a Giveaway

Many moons ago, I won a giveaway. And from one of my favorite bloggers too :) You can only imagine how ecstatic I was!

I placed my order the same night I received my congratulatory e-mail and giveaway code. I'm so thankful to Nancy for introducing me to this vegan indie makeup brand. I'm really quite pleased with the eyeshadows I have received, and hope to get over my eye shyness enough to show you what I do with them. I just worry that I am amateur and will scare all 2 (3?) of my readers away forever. LOL.

But anyway, enjoy the haul pictures soon - below is a list of what I purchased with my $50 credit (I payed shipping though, the credits did not count towards that)

  • "Foiled Again" Mixing Medium - Used to apply dry eyeshadows wet (and as eyeliner) x2
    • A little note: I purchased 2, but only received 1 in my order. SO. I mean it's a large bottle so it's aiight, but little things do make all the difference when reviewing a company!
  • "Lady of Light" Cream Highlighter - Purchased based on Nancy's review and express recommendation, of course
  • Watermelon Eye Shadow, Rockette Eyeshadow - From new "Summer Love" collection
  • Strider, Wise Wizard, and Evil Eye - From "One Ring" collection
  • Mighty Evil One, Street Rat, Three Wishes - From "Arabian Nights" collection
  • Moth Wing - Because it was pretty!
The highlighter retails for $9.75, the mixing medium is ONLY $3.50 and it will last FOREVER, and the eyeshadows were $5 each :)

My Thoughts ---

  • We will first address the fact that I did not receive one item in my order by first explaining that I went over the $50 minimum and the coupon glitched and took the entire amount off. I contacted Pumpkin and Poppy's order and she said she could invoice me the extra, but I told her to just remove the highlighter as that would bring me back to the $50. I didn't get a confirmation but when my order arrived, it still had a highlighter but was short one mixing medium bottle. Bummer though, because it's a great product and I wanted to use the extra in a giveaway!
  • The eyeshadow jars are $5 each - I'm way stingy and would probably not pay that much because I could get similar sized eyeshadows from other indie companies for less! But hey, this is vegan!
  • I am in LOVE with the shadows I picked from the Lord of the Rings collection - there are a few awesome matte shades in there, and they've got this unique formulation where the base is clearly matte but there's some sort of a sheen/shimmer overlay. I can't even explain it properly because if I say matte with glitter, it just wouldn't make sense. 
  • Just wait for the swatches!! Lord of the Rings are coming up first - I'm just trying to figure out the best way to use the cream highlighter haha. I am a face makeup newbie!


  1. I'm sorry you had some problems with your order! I haven't tried the mixing medium, it sounds interesting though.
    the LotR collection has by far been my favorite! I really love the eyeshadows (the cream ones too) from the collection~

    1. You know I'm going to be honest and say that just plain water or even saline would probably get a similar job done, but this mixing medium does cost less than my saline! And it's all pretty and cute and you'll see from pictures - the tiniest little bead of this thing was enough to foil enough eyeshadow to easily pat onto my entire lid.

    2. OH yeahhh I did love a lot of the LOTR shades but don't need more cream eyeshadow in my stash. The problem/mixup is alright b/c it worked in my benefit in the end lol. I got the highlighter!