Sunday, May 19, 2013

Project No Buy - Week Six

This week, I was burnt out from posting daily last week haha. I didn't post as much as I would like. ALSO I haven't had any time to purchase anything this week either. Just so busy. So tired. So sleepy :(


Money in Spending Bank after purchases: $84.94 - $0 = $84.94

Weekly Goals -
+$5 Write a story and make a piece of digital art to post on Controlled Derangement - REPOST
       - I did this. Didn't post the digital art but I def. made things in Photoshop this week
+$5 DIY the Sigma Brush Cleaner Glove + Deep clean all brushes
       - I had a "brush laundry" day and didn't make the brush cleaner b/c didn't have a glue gun. I wasn't going to go out and buy one and am happy with my current brush cleaning technique instead!
+$5 Finish all planning for Memorial Day Weekend trip to Virginia Beach
       - ALL DONE & I am so excited for it too :)

Empties - 
+$0 None this week

Reviews -
+$5 April 2013 IPSY Review (Yay, Issela earned me spending money!) - here
+$1 Butter London Scallywag - here
+$1 Zoya Blu - here

Reading -
+$3.36 Sweet Shadows, by Tera Lynn Childs
+$3.92 Huntress, by Nicole Hamlett
+$2.66 Notes From Self, by Avery Sawyer

  1. Finish swatching & posting at least one VDC eyeshadow collection
  2. Finish swatching & posting all Pumpkin & Poppy eyeshadows
  3. Follow up with FAFSA & TAP to make sure I'm getting a full financial aid package

($84.94) + ($31.94) = $116.88


  1. Nice job. :-) I need to get my post up, but it's been an exhausting weekend, exhausting week, and another one to come I have a feeling, aack. I thought summer was supposed to be relaxing, so far I have more stuff going on than I thought humanly possible. Two more weeks left on mine too. Wow. How did the brush cleaner work out for you?

    1. Girlll I know, I was perpetually sleepy last week :( This week is going to be shorter for me since I'm going on vacation this upcoming weekend!! You did really well during your no-buy though! So proud of you and so sad that it's almost over...I won't know anybody doing it with me afterwards.

      I used the ELF Brush Shampoo on my light/mildly used brushes and used a combination of dishwashing liquid + olive oil on my most used brushes (Like foundation, kabukis, blush/contour and the 2-3 eyeshadow brushes I use most often)

    2. I have been sick all week now too! Ugh. :-( At least I didn't buy anything haha. I have a do photoshop and stuff right? Do you do banners, for like blogs? I need to design a new one, but have no idea how to go about it? Someone did mine for me but I need to change it.

  2. This seems like a really neat project. Looks like you're doing very well, too! :D

    1. Thanks! I was originally inspired the the project no buy that Nancy ran on :) She did hers for like 15 weeks I think!

      Yeahhh last week was good, I didn't spend much money :) Sometimes I go crazy when I see sales though and totally splurge