Monday, May 20, 2013

Cult Nails Manicure Party

I've got a pretty impressive stash of nail polish by a small indie brand Cult Nails. The family business is run by the wonderful Maria, and her husband and children often pitch in to help. She has certainly taken the Indie world by storm and does not hand-mix her own polish like most Indie brands. The fact that polishes are mixed in a lab though, just makes them all the better in terms of formulation.

Cult Nails retails for $12 a bottle (A slight price hike from the previous $10 price tag), but I am too stingy and usually stock up when there are sales!

I have more now, this picture is slightly outdated haha
I own a nice plethora of nail polish but also have a Cult Nails glass file (Which is the ONLY thing I use to file my nails now) and some rhinestones & studs I received in a goodie bag with one of the purchases (It was like a grab bag deal/sale she held a while back)

A good friend of mine came over for a sleepover and being deprived Indian children, we decided to do some mehndi designs on my arms. She wanted to practice and said she was getting rusty. Of course, in return for her hand art expertise, I offered her a manicure and whipped out all my Cult Nails collection. Secretly in the back of my mind, I did this so I could type up a Cult Nails themed manicure post in the future LOL. 

We tested out various combinations and in the end, she went with a simple (but gorgeous) manicure using Cult Nails, Manipulative. 

Cult Nails Charlatan over Nevermore (1-coat Black Creme)

Left: Bad Devious Nature + Charlatan   Middle: Flushed     Right: Flushed + Charlatan?
I loved this on her but she felt like it was too dark.
Cult Nails Flushed on its own (Left) and over a purple or a black (Right)
This is just 1 coat each of Scandalous (Left) and Manipulative (Right)
Color builds up so don't mind the sheerness!
And we have a winner! Pleas eignore my crappy yellow bare nails xD
Her manicure + the henna art on my hands!!

BONUS PICTURE OF MY HENNA! (Click to view full-sized)

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