Thursday, September 13, 2012

Polish for a Cause!

Hi guys! Before I show you manicure pictures, I want to talk to you about something. About a CAUSE.

Nails by Laura worked in conjunction with a friend of ours to create a custom glitter nail polish blend. She released 100 bottles of that final color, called Dani-Mite, and announced that 1/2 the proceeds from this nail polish would go to a charity of Danielle's choice.

Currently, she still has EIGHT BOTTLES of Dani-Mite left! Please help me help her sell the remaining polishes!! It's a beautiful polish but it's for an even more beautiful cause.

I'm going to copy/paste below Laura's description and explanation of Dani-Mite :)

"I was recently approached by a member of a group I'm in to help her create a polish that we could sell to benefit the charity of her choice, The National Brain Tumor Society. Danielle herself has had a double diagnosis of a brain tumor, and as it is, this is a Cause close to me for personal (and probably obvious) reasons. So when Danielle approached our group with this request, I had to jump on it. 
"Dani-mite" is named for Danielle, who brought this all to be in the first place. It's made up of satin turquoise, satin lime, and regular shiny orange hexes in a fine, holographic glitter base. As you can see from the swatch, it CAN be opaque with about 3-4 coats, but I do personally encourage it as a top coat, if only for easier application.
THERE WILL ONLY BE 100 MADE EVER. They will be labeled as such (1/100, 2/100, 3/100,etc). I WILL NOT make any more after that. You will not see this become part of my regular line. When the 100 sell, they're gone. So grab 'em for a good cause! "

Let me tell you, satin glitter is the shit. There was this beautiful pale lime green glitter in this mix and that just made my day. My nails looked SO gorgeous that I wore this manicure for a straight seven days. I haven't done that since last year!!!

This is ONE coat over OPI DS Sapphire. My ring finger has an
additional gold glitter polish on it, so please ignore that! It's a random
glitter I was going to wear before I decided to wear Dani-Mite instead.

It really GLOWED in the sunlight! I took this in the morning and my
camera was freaking out by the glitters. See how nearly translucent
 the green glitters look? They looked AMAZING against the bright blue glitter. 

This picture really showcases how holographic
OPI DS Sapphire is underneath! It was an amazing combination.
One that I'm pushing on my non-obsessed friends for sure!

The sparkle. I can't even.

Thank you so much Laura, for creating this polish and contributing to a cause that means a lot to Danielle and yourself, as well as everybody else who has been impacted by this illness. I know I took a while before I posted this, but it is an amazing nail polish and I'm so thankful that you allowed 100 other people to contribute in such a unique way!!

Expect swatches of Laura's Horoscope Collection soon! I purchased the entire set as minis but haven't gotten any time to post some lovely pictures!! I've already swatched a few shades randomly as I wore them but I'll definitely go through and swatch them in the proper order asap. 

The nail polish's application was flawless. The glitter has a great consistency!! It's not that you can see, I found one non-fussy coat more than enough to complete my manicure. The glitter is not thick, goopy, etc. It lays flat. It glows and sparkles. There's no fishing. No dabbing required. Overall, this nail polish is worth your money even without the charity affiliation!!!! I had no problems with applications or removal and after one coat of my Revlon Quickdry Top Coat, the manicure was good to go! And boyyy did it last. Seven days. I'm still astonished.

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  1. Your pics are amazingly clear, what camera are you using? I'm impressed! Also I like your about me pic on this blog, I don't think I've seen that one before but it's really cute!

    Anyway, thanks for bringing awareness on the cause! I think this is a great thing to do and much luck to Danielle..The polish itself has very pretty sparkles.. and the word satin in front of anything makes it tempting.

    1. Thanks! I shamelessly took that pic wearing my bathing suit in Vegas LOL. Horrible lighting but I like how my hair looked!

      Believe it or not, these are all pictures from my phone. Ever since I got the HTC Vivid I've basically stopped using my camera. It's so sad...I don't even know where it is right now.

      Yeah Danielle's really having a tough time of it with chemo, etc etc right now and I know everybody who knows her is really praying for her >< It's so sadddd, and I think we all tore up when we saw Laura run this campaign to help fundraise for The National Brain Tumor Society.

  2. That's such an awesome idea! It's so cute, too!

    Also, I gave you a Liebster award here: