Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blog sale, part 1 - shipped!

Hi all :)

On Monday, I sent out 8 packages - a majority of the blog sale packages - to those who have graciously been waiting since I posted the blog sale to receive their goodies!!

I think I am mostly done at this point...I have a few more people who I still need to ship out to - I ran out of small bubble mailers and didn't want to use up my larger ones to send out 1-2 polishes in. That's too much empty space and not only would it be a waste, it also leaves too much room for polishes to move around.

If you haven't heard from me, your email could have gotten a bit buried under all of my college emails starting to come in (I'm President of the Digital Arts Club @ NYU and it is all kinds of crazy at work and school this first week). Please don't hesitate to shoot me another reminder!!

- Pry

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