Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fall Into Autumn #1 - Back To School

^ NOT designed by me, but created by somebody in the wonderful Fall Into Autumn Challenge FB nail polish group.

For me, back to school manicures are all about CLASS. I'm not in High School, I'm a senior in college now. I still suck at doing French manicures so I went for one of my newly favorite classic colors - OPI Charmed By A Snake

I have a real obsession with collecting things (Duh, nail polish) and when I saw OPI's discontinued India collection swatched on Scrangie, I HAD to collect it. It took me several months to accomplish the feat and not shell out too much money, but I've done it!

This is a polish from that collection. Charmed by a Snake is a lovely warm bronze nail polish with gold shimmer within to add that lovely bit of extra depth.

Contrary to popular American opinion, snake charmers in India are NOT particularly
seductive looking themselves. Just sayin. The snakes are very captivating though.

& my polish! This was 2 coats...the first looked terrible on my skintone (And I'm Indian, so I was super disappointed) and I nearly took it off. But when I added on the 2nd coat of polish, the base built up very very nicely!

I wore the manicure for the whole first week of classes!
So at first, I was scared it wouldn't look good but it turned out to be the perfect balance for me - it wasn't too bland but it was by no means distracting. I love how polished my nails looked no matter what outfit I wore :)

See the lovely gold shimmer!? It was beautiful :)


  1. Gorgeous =) Collecting them all sounds like it took some dedication too!

    1. Thanks Sharra! Omg collecting them all took a while!! I had to really hunt them down and arrange for several swaps before I could complete my collection.

  2. This is such a beautiful color.. I know how you feel when you are trying to get a whole nail polish collection I have been there to but in the end it's so worth it:)

  3. Gold is so prettyyy. how come so many lines are discontinued? So confused.. ahha I feel like Charmed by a snake is such a weird name for gold xDD But yes, prettyyyy~