Friday, July 27, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer Challenge - Flag Day

This is an older manicure so I won't post much about was done for Canada Day/Flag Day but because I'm posting these challenges in order, I'm just reposting. I probably could have done another patriotic manicure but honestly, I haven't had the time for nail art lately D: Pre-cleanup picture too...but I promise I'll put in more effort for my next picture/manicure!

Here is what I used!
Model's Own White (Accent nails, white maple leaf, white french tip)
Essie Jag-U-Are (Red accent nail, red maple leaf, red french tip)
OPI Samoan Sand (1 coat of my go-to sheer nude on my pointer and pinky finger)


  1. Nice work! I wanted to do Canada flag art for the olympics because I'm seeing people doing there flags everywhere for it. I attempted and let me tell you....epic fail ;oP
    I love our flag but theres no way I'd every be able to make a maple leaft :(

    1. It wasn't THAT hard actually! The way I made it is sort of impression of a maple leaf so that from a little farther away, it looks like one!

      Just do three little fanned out strokes per leaf, three leaves. \|/ = 1 leaf, for example, but of course, the strokes should be connected to look like a leaf. Then do that 2 more, rotating 90 degrees each time, and then you have a maple leaf!