Saturday, July 28, 2012

F4 Shellie - Swatches and Review

My 21st birthday is coming up and I've been ranting to EVERYBODY about how excited I am for it! Well part of that excitement resulted in me going on a mega huge nail polish'll see and read all about that on Monday, my birthday :)

But before you guys judge me for how much I've spent in July on nail polish, let me entice you with some wonderful nail polish from F4POLISH! 

Before I move on, here's how you can find them -  ETSY SHOP | FACEBOOK PAGE

I'd heard great things about the brand on the Facebook groups I'm part of, and when I looked up some swatches, I was sold. I used the upcoming birthday as an excuse so about two weeks ago, I sent them a message and asked for a custom listing. I knew that I really wanted Piper but wasn't sure what else I wanted beyond that. I asked for a custom listing - One full-sized bottle of Piper and 1 full-sized bottle of another polish of their choice. One of their favorites.

When I received the box, I received not only the two bottles of nail polish I had purchased, but three other mini nail polishes besides...I am assuming they were other favorites? A birthday present? A random act of kindness? I'm not sure but whatever you want to call it, I was floored. And more than a little impressed.

What a PHENOMENAL brand.

I've only worn one nail polish so far - Shellie, one of the mini nail polishes I received - but it is wonderful and below this blurb of text, you will see only great things.

This is 1 coat of F4 Shellie, pictured over 2 coats of Essie, Bikini So TeenyI'll let the pictures (and captions) do the talking for a while!

Look at the wonderful package! And the eye for details.

I was soooo emotional and happy when I saw this card.
Thank you so much F4! You really made my birthday special.

Pretty bottle shot of Shellie

Out in the sun. Excuse the finger on the bottom haha.

I took this after I cleaned it up a little but I was indoors,
so the lighting is pretty yellow. It still looks
My Review ---------

Overall, I am in love with Shellie. And thus far, F4 in general. They went farrr out of their way, sent me a birthday card, sent me a birthday present, set up a custom listing for me, and were some of the nicest people I've dealt with in a long, long while.

Shellie herself is a gorgeous color. I wasn't sure what to layer over and initially picked a pale pink. But I'm SO glad I went with a contrasting base because the pink, purple, and white hexes just sparkled and looked GORGEOUS over the pale baby blue color I wore underneath. 

This way, the polish reminded me of cherry blossoms against a blue daytime sky. Something like this quick google images search ;)

The application was easy and effortless. I didn't have to fish for glitters, everything lay flat. Nothing is curling or bleeding. 2 coats of Jordana Quick Dry Topcoat over this and it was glassy smooth to the touch! No shrinking, etc etc etc.

I wore this manicure for like 4 whole days. I took it off with a sigh, and cannot wait to wear it again! 

One more picture. This is another pre-cleanup but I've left it full-sized so you can see how pretty it is. I think I put topcoat on a little too quickly because there are some bubbles in macro, but these were not noticeable in person, especially with the glitter combination.

Thank you so much for the gift once more! F4 as a brand is a big hit, and Shellie is among my favorite glitter topcoats I own now, after wearing it this way. Really and truly unique and beautiful.


  1. This is really pretty.. I was looking into buying some but I wasn't sure but after seeing this one I'm going to definitely buy some.. Thanks also happy early birthday!

    1. Oh my gosh Sam you really need some of these polishes in your life! F4 is run by three women (Friends or sisters, I can't remember. I think sisters) and they have the most amazing customer service I've seen to date in an Indie brand. They're nice and best of all, they keep things personal. Let me know what you end up ordering when you order!!

      And and thank you so much for the birthday wishes <3

  2. Aren't they amazing!!! I'm making it my life's mission to get everyone to realize how awesome those three are! I love them to death, as does my daughter. :)

    1. Jen you were right! You're the reason I went and ordered from them and as you can see, I'm not disappointed AT ALL. I'm impressed and in love :) I'm on a no-buy for myself for now, but afterwards, once I've lowered my untrieds pile down some, I'm definitely purchasing more.

  3. Belated Happy Birthday, Pryanka! I hope you had a very colorful and glittery birthday bash! I wish I could learn how to apply nail polish on my own. I once tried it, but It ended up as a one big polish mess. :(

    Anyway, I hope you don’t mind me tagging you in a meme activity from Prinsesa. I hope you’ll have time and join us in answering this meme.

    1. Whoops the other messages on this post escaped my inbox..I think I accidentally unsubscribed from the post haha. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!!

      But awww Miko, it isn't that hard to paint your own nails! Have you ever heard of the 3 stroke technique? I'll post a basic tutorial on it later if you want!

      Thanks for linking to the meme. I'll go look at it today and see if it still applies.

  4. Pryanka! I gave you a shiny!

    1. I have so many blog awards. Must go spread the award love now! Thanks Jen :D

  5. Sooo pretty. The glitter looks great with the blue base

    1. Thank youuu! Yep, I can't even imagine using a different color, this one was so perfect.