Friday, May 10, 2013

Technical Difficulties!!

Hi guys!! My life is all kinds of hectic right now, so I haven't been able to update as much as I would like. Here's a quick breakdown of what's going on:

  1. My computer died. I have NO idea why it crashed. Just finished doing a system recovery (restore to an earlier point didn't help, I tried that first) so I'm starting from scratch
  2. I lost all of my documents and folders. I didn't have too many things backed up either so...
  3. I lost all of my programs (Until I reinstall them) - NO PHOTOSHOP OR GOOGLE CHROME RIGHT NOW, it sucks
  4. I had a giiiiant haul - I went by the E.L.F. Flagship store in NYC and while I was in the city, I also went to a Muji store and made my makeup storage purchases. Then I spent most of the night after work organizing and cleaning up while waiting for the computer to reset.

So even though I'm probably not going to be able to accomplish one of my weekly goals (NOOO!), I will try to get some content up before the end of the weekend. I've got some time Friday night, Saturday morning, and Sunday afternoon/evening. Here's what I plan to put up on the blog:

  1. Review of April's IPSY bag courtesy of guest blogger/amazing friend
  2. E.L.F. Haul
  3. Makeup Storage - B&A ft. Muji acrylic storage units
  4. OCC Strumpet Lip Tar Review
  5. VDC's limited edition/trial holographic polish review
  6. Glitter A Peel Review
Gosh, I should have been more vigilant during the week. I feels terrible! On that lovely note, my computer is demanding that I restart and Google Chrome has finished re-downloading so I'll be ending this post! Don't worry, I've got plenty of stuff to say starting tomorrow :D


  1. OOOH NOOOOO! Sorry about your computer, that's awful! Hopefully everything'll be working again soon. :-) And you got the MUJI's!! Yay, can't wait to see your post. :-) And hear about the ELF store...I'm headed to NYC in 4 weeks, might be interesting to check out. :-)

    1. It does suck but this certainly takes spring cleaning to a whole new level LOL. I'm just sort of sad that all evidence of my undergraduate career is sort of just...gone now.

      YES I got the Muji's!! Each drawer is soo tiny though, height wise. I'm afraid that it's not really working for me yet but hopefully I'll figure out the best way to organize it to get that B&A up!

      ELF: I'm not too far from NYC so it's not a big deal, but after I graduated and started working fulltime, I just don't have the time to go there and hang out with friends often enough. Is so sad! The store is small but definitely well stocked :)

    2. About the muji's, what are you putting in them? For me they are perfect because I have a lot of indie pigments which fit perfectly, I also fit my eyeliners, lipsticks and glosses(I also put glosses in a bead holder) I put on their sides, which I like better because I can see the bottom labels. For taller things like paint pots or sugarpill containers the two drawer ones are better because they are taller. I put palette's in mail sorters, but they do fit in the drawers.

    3. OH, and lucky you living so close to the NYC, I'm about 3,000 miles away :-( I haven't visited in forever either, I used to go much more frequently but I don't have family there anymore and we just don't go for fun as much. I really miss it. My aunt and I are going to be there in a few weeks, I can't wait.

    4. So there will definitely be a detailed post on the contents of the Muji coming up soon! I wish they were just SLIIIIGHTLY taller so I could store my indie eyeshadows on their side instead of face-down. I do like seeing/reading the label but think of how much MORE you could have fit if you could store them on their side!!

      They were sold out of the 2 drawer ones. Once they're back in stock or the next time I'm in the city & can go to another location, I'm going to pick one up :) 2-drawer with lid! Then my storage should be complete I think.

      I need an acrylic mail sorter, I'd love displaying my palettes in there. For now I'm using a black mesh one that I stole from my work desk haha. But now my OCD wants everything to match!!!

      Ohhhh when you are in NYC, you should hit me up! We could go makeup shopping together!

    5. I love my acrylic mail sorters, I'm big on matching too, hah. I have two that fit a bunch of palette's, then the rest of my palette's are underneath the glass top of my vanity.

      Do the muji's not hold the pigments on their side? I guess not, I probably tried it, LOL. I stored them on their side in my old containers(which actually stored about 5 less on their side as the muji does right side up) but I really hate not being able to see what the color is and I just make a mess pulling them out to find the right one, lol, so for me it's better that I can store them label side up and at least get the same amount of storage. I have 2 of the 2 drawers and they hold all my sugar pill jars and my color tattoo's and cream shadows and gel liners.

      Yes, that would be so much fun! haha. I really want to go to the Inglot store and OCC, we don't have them here, our Inglot counter at Macy's never has anything in stock, I gave up, haha. I'm just glad my no-buy ends at the end of this month before I leave!