Friday, May 3, 2013

Depotting Urban Decay Eyeshadows

Today, I've just got some fun pictures to show you of the eyeshadow depotting process!

I purchased a 15-pan MAC Eyeshadow Palette - the empty one that comes with an insert! Unfortunately, I have the old style pan without the clear see-through lid which is annoying because now, I've got more eyeshadows that need depotting, the old style is discontinued, and my OCD won't let me have 2 different kinds. So the poor eyeshadow tokens are just chillin and taking up tons of space in my drawers for now.

I'm not even watermarking these pictures because I'm not terribly concerned with them. I'll make a quick note of the process underneath and can provide a detailed step-by-step tutorial if people express any interest! Seriously, if even one person sks to see how I did it, I'll show ya!


  1. Prepare your materials
    • Hair Straightener (There are many other methods. I used my hair straightener)
    • Wax Paper - so you don't get glue on the straightener. Skip this step if you're using an old one you don't care about
    • Tweezers or Exacto Knife - Or something else to pry the plastic insert out of the token, and the metal pan out of the insert
    • Gloves if you're afraid of singed fingers
  2. Take the plastic insert out of the token. For the new UD eyeshadows, you can pop the insert out with no hassle, they are made that way. For the older tokens, you need tweezers or the edge of a blade to gently prod the insert out of the token
  3. Head the plastic insert on your hair straightener, with optional wax paper underneath. Do not overheat - I had a very crappy straightener that didn't get too hot, so I kept it on for about 1 minute
  4. If the glue for the label is soft, use your tweezers to pry off an edge and then carefully remove the label. Set aside for later
  5. Begin trying to pry metal pan out of plastic insert. To do this, test how soft the plastic is getting. I actually manhandled my insert and let it get really hot & soft. Then I took facial scissors with a blunt edge and began pushing the metal pan out of the plastic insert from the bottom. If you look at the pictures, that's why there are giant craters in the plastic. I just dug right through em to push the metal pan out
  7. Hopefully you're using gloves to handle this or protecting yourself from the heat somehow. While metal pan is still hot with some melted glue residue, stick a piece of magnet (Those magnetic calendars or ads you get to stick on your fridge work just fine) onto the bottom of the metal pan.
  8. Stick your sticky label over the magnet if it's still sticky. Or you can create your own label. Choice is yours.
  9. Enjoy your depotted eyeshadows! And store them much more conveniently than their clunky original packaging!

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