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Victorian Disco Cosmetics - Still A Better Love Story Collection Swatches and Review

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Today I'm bringing swatches of another Victorian Disco Cosmetics collection! This is a miniature collection as well and comes with the following colors:
  • I Should Be On Fire: Hot pink with rainbow sparkles. 
  • I'm 100 Years Older Than You, But That's Okay: Deepened plum with turquoise sparkles and a slight shifting red-green sheen.
  • Angry Italian Vampires: Deep black base with a blood red sheen. 
  • Bella's Range Of Emotions: Deep neutral brown, with more neutral brown and not a sparkle or sheen in sight.


If you haven't gathered by the names, the collection is based on Twilight
Also, if you are oblivious to sarcasm, the collection is a complete spoof.

If you need me to spell it out for you: The collection is a joke, and it is made to poke fun at the movie. Ashley is not genuinely in love with Twilight except for the fact that it has provided fodder for her spoof eyeshadow collection.


Swsatches underneath the jump!

I Should Be On Fire

I'm not terribly pleased here - the swatch without primer was more heavyhanded than the one without! I'm upsettt, but anyway, I Should Be On Fire is beautifully pigmented even without primer. This is basically the reason that I was so harsh in my BFTE is certainly possible to do better!  

This one is beautiful and sparkly and I really love it, but the only con/critique I can give is that the shade and the name don't really match up. I know it's not possible yet to do a true red eyeshadow and still remain vegan, but something more red or orange toned would have matched the description better. Heck, even a reddish orange with yellow sheen or gold sparkles would be acceptable. 

The quality of the eyeshadow isn't compromised of course, but I do wish it looked a little different.

UPDATE: I think what is happening is that the swatch with primer brought out the more reflective sheen and so taking the picture with the increased reflectivity sort of washed it out and made it look duller than it was in person? IDKMYBFFJILL....

I'm 100 Years Older Than You, But That's Okay

DROOL WITH ME GUYS, DROOL WITH ME! This is my faaaavorite shade from the mini collection. 

It's a deep but sparkly eggplant purple shade, and I can't wait to do awesome smoky eyes with it. In reality, it's a little more purple - the swatch without primer is more true to color, and there's really no difference in pigmentation between the primer/no primer swatches, so only wear primer to extend longevity and prevent creasing. The color needs no boosting!

Beautiful and applies like buttah. 

Angry Italian Vampires

Angry Italian Vampires improved a LOT with primer! Without primer, the blood-red sheen was lost in translation from jar to swatch. With primer you see the true beauty of the shade. I can't wait to use this wet as eyeliner or smoke up a crease with it. Oh my, it is so beautiful and I am so excited! 

I have ZERO complaints on the formula. It is perfection! It is a dark shade though so don't pat it ontoo thick - you will get fallout! Make sure to do your foundation/concealer routine after applying your eyeshadow that day!

Bella's Range Of Emotions

Can I just say that this eyeshadow has the best name of them all? It really does! Bella's nonexistent range of emotions is laughable.When I watched the first Twilight movie and saw their PATHETIC acting, I was in awe that this was a real movie, not a parody. Like the acting was just bad. Period. BAD. No emotion, no reaction, and the same irritating flat monotone voice no matter if she's dying or in love or happy or sad. Ew, just ew. 

Bella's Range of Emotions, the eyeshadow, doesn't suffer from the same "ew" affliction. It's a nice deep matte shade. Not chalky, very pigmented, and great for blending into the crease or for layering under Angry Italian Vampires or otherwise darkening and providing a base for eyeshadows. 

It's versatile and a beautiful formula for a matte shade! Primer intensifies it, and the same warning applies - Don't overload your brush for fear of fallout that you can't easily sweep away because it is pigmented and will streak, as seen in the 'with primer' swatch!


Without primer
With primer!

YOU CAN SHOP THE ENTIRE COLLECTION HERE! Sample baggies are $1.25, mini jars are $2.25, and full-sized jars are $5.50! Ashley has sales often so keep an eye out on her Facebook page for them!

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