Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sephora's Chic Week 15% Off Sale + HAUL

Hi guys!! Tomorrow kicks off Chic Week for Sephora, and all products in-store and online are 15% off for Beauty Insiders. Very Important Beauty Insiders, or VIB's, will receive a complimentary tote along with 7-8 samples with their purchase.

Chic Week runs from April 12th - April 21st. April 11th (Aka today) was a special "preview party" for VIB members. When I walked into my Sephora, there was a table at the entrance set up with drinks and hors d'oeuvres. How fancy!

Here's what I got tonight. I may have gone a tad overboard.

I plan on using the mask once a week, probably on Sunday night, and de-gunkify my pores! YAY. I'll review it in a few weeks once I figure out how much I am enjoying it. I was debating between this and Boscia, and went with the Sephora rep's recommendation. 

ORIGINS MODERN FRICTION $19 (I got the mini)
I ran out of something nice to exfoliate with and was living off samples for a while. I decided to give this a try, again on recommendation of my Sephora rep. She apparently has a thing for this brand, though I did pick up a sample of Korres's Wild Rose exfoliation thing pictured above in my haul picture. 

URBAN DECAY PRIMER POTION, (Original .37oz) $20
I wanted "Eden" but they ran out already. I may exchange this with Eden later once the buying frenzy is over and they've restocked, but I was low on UDPP and getting 15% off was a nice excuse to restock. 

I've never tried them, so I bought one. It's a beautiful color, and will be fun to wear this Spring and Summer. This one's a red with some gold shimmer in it, so that sounds pretty awesome!

RETURNING THIS! Even with the 15% off I got, I don't think it's worth it and it looks very similar on my lips to one of my Revlon Kissable Balm Stains (Which cost me like $5 each when they were on sale). I think in the shade Smitten. ARGH YSL looks so pretty though. You're honestly paying for packaging here. 

I picked up a medium sized shadow brush and an angled shadow brush. I'm really looking for a fluffy blending brush but didn't like the ones they had at Sephora. I'll have to check out MAC or possibly Real Techniques the next time I'm at ULTA or when they're on sale. 

I got the VIB tote pictured above with the samples in the Ziplock bag for free with my purchase. The totes & samples are available to all VIB members who buy something during Chic Week, so that's pretty awesome! The samples I got in my tote were:
  • Dolce & Gabbana, Light Blue: It's funny - I was really attracted to this citrus-y floral scent and asked for a sample of it before I knew it was in my bag, so now I have 2 sample vials of this fragrance. Which should last me a while! It's so great for Summer - definitely going to be alternating between this and my Daisy by Mac Jacobs rollerball.
  • Ole Henrikson Moisturizer - I got the blue "Sheer transfoormation" sample in my baggie. I use their orange one currently BUT it irritates my eyes. Maybe this won't give me that problem. I may swap the orange out for the blue if this proves to be the case. 
  • Bumble and bumble thickening Shampoo + Conditioner - I only got one sample pouch of each and that's honestly not enough to help me figure out if I want it or not. Good for overnights though, I'll throw it in my travel bag.
  • Nude Perfect cleansing oil for face and eyes - I am getting too lazy for capitalizing. My friend recommended Argan cleansing oil to replace cleanser, and I am skeptical of using oil to cleanse my face, but a 1-time use can't hurt. Will see what the hype is about
  • MUFE Pro-finish Powder Foundation: It's in a shade for "Fair complextion" and I am too dark-skinned to make any use of it. Will be a freebie in one of my sales or swaps online
  • Algenist Pore Corrector Concentrate: This is supposed to tighten pores and also smooth + brighten skin. Will give it a whirl. I like their eye balm,so hopefully this is nice too.
  • Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream: This is also in the shade "Light" and will be of no use to me. Boo :(
  • D&G Light Blue - Yay for vial #2 of this fragrance. Really love it - it's light and perfect for daytime use this season
  • Korres Wild Rose Exfoliating...thing
  • Origins Modern Friction - I asked for the sample, then saw the mini size and just went ahead and bought it. It smelled nicer than the Korres
  • Smashbox BB Cream in "Medium" - So THIS is my shade, and I love it. Will probably purchase when I run out of my drugstore L'Oreal BB Cream if I need to. It's pricy though :( 

What will you be using your 15% off to buy!?


  1. Great haul! I don't know if I will be buying anything because I didn't save up my reward money! D: Oh well. I can always wait for any other times when Sephora has VIB sales.

    1. Yeah to be honest, 15% off isn't that AMAZING of a sale...just make sure you save up your moneyz (ANDEMPTIES) for the Origins Earth Day Trade-In Event inside Sephora coming up at the end of this month! I'm tryna use things up to qualify for it lol.

      Every 1 empty you give them gets you 1 FS Origins product in return!

  2. Super NSFW is one of my favorite lip tars! I have a feeling most of my makeup account will be spent at sephora this week. :-/ I've been saving it up, and it's kind of sad actually to see it go, haha. It's interesting looking at buying through different eyes, the no-buy has certainly made me look at things differently.

    1. I can't wait to see what you purchased! You saved up money over the weeks, a little haul never hurts but the fact that you feel guilty means that the budgeting is working and your mind is starting to detest spending too much $$ on makeup. WHICH IS ALWAYS A GOOD THING!!

  3. the medium is your shade?! awesome :) my mom loves it, but i cant remember what shade i got her

    1. Yeahh my face looked great that day! Too bad I went in the evening and had nobody to impress afterwards LOL

    2. awwww <3 yeah that's the only one i was impressed with from sephora :)