Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Victorian Disco Cosmetics: House Points Collection Swatches & Review

House Points
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My opening act for this brand will be with the House Points collection. Made up of only four eyeshadows, it was the quickest post for me to prepare (After this, I'm going to work on putting up the Sailor Moon collection in 2 parts), and something I already had most of the photos for. The collection is GORGEOUS and I hope to incorporate the eyeshadows into some awesome Harry Potter themed eye looks later. No lies though, I'm very amateur when it comes to all that, so don't expect any amazing macro eye shots later. It is what it is. Moving on though, the four shades in this collection are representative of the four founders of Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They are Godric, Salazar, Rowena, & Helga  (In no particular preferential order). I bought full-sized Rowena and Godric ($4.50 each), and minis of Salazar & Helga ($2.00 each)

1. Godric

Godric Gryffindor - He is one of the four founders, the Gryffindor house is named after him :) 

VDC's description: Rust red with a golden sheen and shimmer

Over primer, zoomed in so you see the pretty shimmer
When worn alone, Godric can easily be sheered out. I had to make several passes to build the color as much as I did in the swatches where it is alone. To build it's intensity, I'd recommend first priming your eyes and then patting it onto the lids with your eyeshadow brush. You can also experiment by patting this on over a cream eyeshadow base - I used NYX Milk over Urban Decy Primer Potion (UDPP) when I used it on my lids. Over UD PP, Godric really comes to life and gives off a beautiful sheen.

It is not super pigmented, but this gives it added versatility, and the color is definitely buildable with the help of a tacky primer or cream eyeshadow underneath. It's a lovely rusty color, but I feel like the "golden sheen and shimmer" translated to just sparkles once on my lid. It was sparkly and shimmery, but I didn't see a distinctive gold sheen. It looks lovely on my skintone though :) (I'm Indian, so medium/warm skintone with yellow undertones)

Great lasting power as long as you've got primer underneath. The eyeshadows didn't crease on me until I took them off, so I'd give them a good 8 hours. Maybe more, but I removed them. 

2. Salazar

Salazar Slytherin: Was once friends with Godric, obvsly House Slytherin is named after him

VDC's description: Shamrock green with bright silver shimmers

Slightly blurred + zoomed in to show you the shimmer!
Salazar is a beautiful seafoam green eyeshadow packed with silvery, almost iridescent sparkles. Make sure to use primer or a cream eyeshadow base in order to minimize glitter fallout with this beauty.

When I swatched Salazar alone, my skintone showed up underneath, so again, the pigmentation is similar to Godric: Sheer, but buildable. When I put Salazar over primer + NYX Milk, the BEAUUUUTIFUL seafoam base color shows up loaded with the silvery shimmer. It's breathtaking and magical and I love it. On darker lids like mine, it's hard to get that seafoam color without a white eyeshadow base underneath, but on lighter lids, you should have an easier time of it. What I love about Salazar is that when swatched without the white base, you get a very mermaid/scale-like effect which I love. 

No issues on creasing, and fallout was minimal. Remember to pat the eyeshadow on and pack it onto your lid rather than use the windshield wiper motion.

3. Rowena 

Rowena Ravenclaw: One of the greatest witches of her age. She is rumored to have named Hogwarts ;)

VDC's description: Bright slate blue with silver sparkles and shimmer

Swatched over NYX Milk, Rowena comes to life. Kin to Salazar, but different base color
Rowena has to be my favorite of the House Points quad. Rather than call it a slate blue, I'd label this shade a beautiful cornflower blue. It's a beautiful azure shade with the same silvery shimmer that you see in Salazar. Unfortunately, my camera doesn't show you the base color difference as discerningly as it would be in person. Make sure to check out VDC's own swatches on the website, they are very color-accurate!

Rowena was the most pigmented for me, and I was quite surprised by that. Application is beautiful, and I sound like a broken record when I issue the same advice: Use primer or a cream eyeliner base, and make sure to pack the eyeshadow on rather than swipe it around on your lid. The latter will cause glitter fallout and sheer out the color very quickly. 

It's such a pretty color and I can't wait to rock it all the time this Spring and summer. I'm thinking of gradienting this with Salazar, with a brown smoky eyeliner. In my head, it's great, ha.

4. Helga

Helga Hufflepuff: Welcomes those who are loyal, fair, and hard-working to her House

VDC's Description: Deep dusty golden color with a blackish undertone

Towards the ends of my swatch, you can see the blackish undertones!

My amazingly powerful imaginary dragon would have scales this color. Helga is a BEEAUTIFUL olive-gold shade. That's the best way I can describe it. When you google image Olive gold, you'll see how right I am, I promise. It's gorgeous, looks best over primer or a cream eyeshadow base. I used NYX milk, which you can still see around the edges of the zoomed in swatch. Probably my second favorite.

Helga's got this inner glow that comes from the gold sheen overlaid on the darker undertones. It's one of those lit-from-within colors, but in eyeshadow form instead of nail polish. If Thomas Kinkade created eyeshadows, he would approve of this shade. 

Also, this shade is a blessing to my Indian skintone. I CAN'T WAIT TO SHOW YOU GUYS THE EYE LOOKS I'VE DONE!



  1. Ohh you got this collection! It is so awesome for HP and makeup fans :D
    Rowena is definitely my favorite too!

    1. YESSS I got it over 2 months in blogger packages because I didn't want any sample baggies, I wanted the jars haha

    2. Haha awesome! I think I have most of the stuff from VDC and I LOVE IT! The Star Wars collection was the first thing I purchased because I am a huge Star Wars fan. In fact I discovered VDC because of their Star Wars collection~

    3. I'm working my way up to that level, it'll take me some time though. I discovered her because of the Sailor Moon collection, I am all kinds of obsessed with that show and most of my close friends are as well!