Friday, April 12, 2013

Project No Buy


I've adapted The Dark Side of Beauty's modified concept of a "No Buy" and hope to implement it until I have pared my stash down to just the essentials I will actually use.

A "no buy" is simply a set period of time during which you cut down your spending and stop buying things. People can implement a complete no buy and stop spending ALL OF THEIR MONEY except for the bare essentials needed to survive, but in the beauty world, a no buy usually means you will not spend any money on makeup for a while.

The Goal -

  • Use up makeup samples and already owned makeup before buying new things and neglecting what I already own
  • Motivate myself by earning spending money by completing goals. Subconsciously bribe myself to get shit done
  • Save money, duh

Rewards -

  • Weekly Goals - Completing a weekly goal puts $5 in my "spending bank." Failure to complete a weekly goal 2 weeks running results in a subtraction of $10 from my spending bank.
  • Empties - Every time I finish up a makeup or skincare product, I get $2 in the bank
  • Reviews - Every time I review a product, I get $1 in the bank
  • Reading - Every 100 pages of reading per week, I get $1 in the bank


  • Essentials (ie. Deodorant, Shampoo/Conditioner, etc)
  • Skincare (ie. If I run out of any product in my skincare routine and replace it, it will not count)
  • Giveaway prizes and gifts
  • Limited Edition (ie. Cinderella compact mirror cult status type items)

How This All Works

  1. Every Sunday, I will post an update that tallies how much money was in the Spending Bank before and after the week's purchases and detail what I spent my money on
  2. I will tally up what reward money I have earned in that particular week and update the Spending Bank total after adding up the rewards earned for the week
  3. If I go over my budget, I'll subtract 2x the difference. (ie. If I go over $10, $20 will be subtracted from my Spending Bank)

Thank you so much, Nancy, for steadfastly updating us on how your No Buy is going and motivating me to curb my spending. I spend little amounts here and there but honestly, this shit does add up!


  1. Awesome! I wish you luck with this! Hopefully you can do better than me!
    It is crazy how much the amount that you can spend on makeup does indeed add up to a lot of money!

    1. Psh you've done amazingly with your no-buy! Yeah makeup REALLY does add up. I'll think I'm only spending a couple bucks so it's not a big deal, but do that often enough during the month and then suddenly BOOM there's $200 missing from your bank account lol