Sunday, April 14, 2013

Project No Buy - Week One

Welcome to my first ever Project No Buy update!!
This one will be fairly easypeasy because I've got $0 in my beauty bank to start out with so I better not have purchased anything since I put up my last post haha. This will kick off my no buy.

As I said earlier, no purchases this week. None that count at least xP
My Sephora Chic Week Haul was before the No Buy began.

Weekly Goals - Haven't set any goals yet SO self-explanatory
Empties - None this week
Reviews - None this week
Reading - None this week

  1. Follow up on law school applications + status on LSAC reports for all schools
  2. Post about/swatch my Pumpkin & Poppy giveaway prizes PLUS post at least twice more this week
  3. SPRING CLEANING! Do the laundry, take out the winter stuff, take out donate-able clothes, etc

$0 :( 


  1. Ohh can't wait to see what you got from P&P!
    Good luck with your goals! I did some spring cleaning too for clothes and makeup. It is nice to declutter and to give stuff away to others.

  2. Thank you! Yeah it was one of your goals (ie. Organize the eyeshadow stash, etc) and that's what inspired me to make that one of my goals. My clothes closet is a mess!

    YES P&P HAUL! I am swatching them tonight :)

  3. Good luck on your no-buy! Yay for spring cleaning, I have been doing that myself. My dresser drawers look amazing, haha, and my desks and tables actually have space. Sometimes it feels like it never ends. :-p

    1. Why thank you!! Hopefully before the end of the week, my dresser drawers will be joining yours in being happy and clean and organized. I've got clothes everywhere right now, it's so gross

  4. can't wait to see next week :)