Tuesday, April 30, 2013

BFTE - Eyeshadow Swatches/Review Part Three

This is the last installment of BFTE Eyeshadows! This is a mismatched set so I wasn't even sure what to label it. I've got some green-ish shades, some grey, some clay-ish colors, and a darker crease color I love which is the standout from this batch. This installment has 7 shadows (I've reviewed 5 shadows in Part One and 6 in Part Two previously)!

To recap the BFTE series that have been featured on my blog, I'd like to make some quick universal notes on how the shadows have fared in my opinion!

  1. You cannot skip the primer to use these shadows. Applying over bare skin = not smart. You need pixie epoxy, mixing medium, a damp brush, a cream shadow base, and/or primer - whatever your methodology is, you're going to need something for the colors to stand out true to jar color!
  2. Because this is loose and finely milled shadow, you must apply to the eyelid by patting on the color rather than sweeping it across. That will get you nowhere!
  3. Some of the matte shades were disappointing =/ I'm much more satisfied with the matte shades from Pumpkin & Poppy - Don't worry, I'll get to them soon :)
  4. My favorite BFTE shades from what I own have been Wanted, Marigold, Whimsey, Riveted, Navy, and Paranoid :)

Check out swatches underneath the jump!

4 Leaf Clover

4 Leaf Clover holds more promise in the jar than it did in swatches. It's a beautifully dark hunter green (forest green?) shade that should be much more pigmented than it is. It suffers from medium pigmentation and patchy application without primer or NYX Milk or something similar to adhere to. I was hoping for this to be one of my favorite matte shades from my BFTE haul but I was disappointed. However, the medium pigmentation means it's less scary to use on the lid and also lends some versatility to how you use the shadow! If you're afraid of extremely bold, pigmented, and dark shadows, then you may fall in love with this one more than I did!


Unfortunately, I'm going to sound like a broken record for this post. Not enough pigmentation! While I am satisfied with what I got for $1 a jar, I would not have paid full price for this shade. Bummer, because Celeste is a gorgeous blue-grey color with some subtle sparkles. I like what it looks like in the jar more than how it swatched personally. Blah blah blah medium pigmentation sheer patchy blah blah blah.

Let's be honest - these shades swatched OVER primer are about the pigmentation I expect to get from eyeshadows without primer. Am I alone? Am I wrong? Am I delusional and snobby!?


Surely, you cannot go wrong with a dark expresso brown shade chock full of sparkles. SURELY, you cannot!? .....

Unfortunately for BFTE, you absolutely can. I was legitimately SHOCKED at how sheer this baby applied without primer. What promise it held in the jar. WHAT DASHED HOPES. My picture with primer is blurry because the camera had trouble focusing with all the sparkles, but it does show the level of pigmentation very well.

If Temptalia was rating these BFTE shadows, too many of them would be getting an F in my opinion =/ They hold such promise, but really disappoint with their lack of pigmentation.


I am tempted to believe that the brown-ish color showing in swatches is leftover Treason on my brush when I was spot cleaning it between swatches. Coal befuddles me - it is coal colored, duh, but magically takes on the properties of coal too. If you try to blend it in too much, it gets this ashy white look about it. I'm not even sure how else to describe it. It's a cool concept and would make for a killer eyeliner IF THE PIGMENTATION WASN'T SO BAD.


Shy is the first of the terracotta/clay-like colors I bought. I'm sort of wondering why I even wrote this review up because honestly, I've got the same complaints about most of the eyeshadows. Pigmentation, pigmentation, pigmentation. This is alright for a matte shadow and does not sheer out TOO quickly or get patchy when blended! I really hope you guys know the swatch routine by now - the text overlaps a timestamp I forgot to turn off, but the first swatch is without primer, and the second is with it. 


Arizona is much darker in the jar than you will ever get it to be on your skin. It is patchier than Shy was when applied without primer. With primer though, you could probably get a fairly cool look gradienting Shy with Arizona as long as you applied a lightening base on your eyelids or had fairer eyelids than I do. I can actually also see this being used as a blusher! It's a pretty shade for that.


What is it with me and these darker colors? Unlike the dark hunter green above, Paranoid actually did apply as dark as expected from looking at the jar! It is my favorite of this installment and my second favorite of the matte BFTE shades I now own - Navy is the first! This is a rusted...burgundy (?) matte eyeshadow and applies dark with or without primer. Primer helps it apply less patchy, last longer, and does aid in pigmentation though. This is also going to make an awesome crease color. I purchased Shy, Arizona, and Paranoid together thinking they would make a cool look - I'll have to test it out and let you guys decide later this week! 


  1. This is so interesting, as I have about a zillion BFTE shadows and almost none of them perform poorly. Oddly enough I don't think I have heard of any of these shadows except Treason and Coal either, and mine is gorgeous on. How weird. :-/ They reformulated most of their matte's recently too. I think most of these shadows are no longer available.

    1. Yeah most of the eyeshadows were purchased during a clearance where she was discontinuing a bunch of shades. For good reason, I suppose?

      I like the concept of coal, but I just couldn't get it to work. Maybe you should put up some swatches!

      Treason was very poorly pigmented for me but it could be because it's an old formulation..? I will try using a different base for some of the less pigmented shades next time!

    2. Oh durr, I meant Treason, I don't think I actually have coal. Yeah I think these weren't good sellers, maybe because of the pigmentation. She did reformulate the matte's though, I don't have too many of her matte's though. I'll have to find my treason and see.