Monday, March 18, 2013

New love: Victorian Disco Cosmetics


I've always had a penchant for brand loyalty. Once I discover a brand that is consistent in delivering innovative quality products, I stand by it. (Consider Urban Decay and OPI to be but two examples)

Well, I've now got a new brand to add to that loyalty list, and it is a small indie one-woman-shop that goes by the name of Victorian Disco Cosmetics

Independently run by Ashley, Victorian Disco Cosmetics, or VDC hereafter, initially caught my eye when I saw Unique-Desire's post on VDC's Sailor Moon eyeshadow collection. I am obsessed with most things Sailor Moon; it's a show I grew up on as a young child. So it reminds me of my childhood, a completely trouble-free time before college even existed in my mind. Ahh, I was so young.

So anyway, I was HOOKED. That above post was written a year ago, and when I came across the post, VDC's shop was on hiatus. I don't recall the exact reasons why, but Ashley must have been prioritizing other things and closed down shop. So I moved on and sort of...well...forgot about them.

BUT THEN as I was looking for Sailor Moon themed things several months later for a friend's birthday present, I remembered this eyeshadow collection, dug up that post, looked up the shop and voila, it was back open. I didn't place an order right then and there, but liked the company's FB page and sort of stalked updates and reviews to make sure the shop was open and running.

Of course, as a FB follower, I also had updates on deals, sales, coupon codes, etc. I love the creative concepts behind each VDC collection :) The slight hint of nerdiness behind each collection is what has me hook, line, and sinker.

To share this love via my blog, I've been purchasing the Blogger Package option monthly since January. I've used it to amass most of the collections I want (I've completed Sailor Moon and Harry Potter already! Working on Star Wars and Azeroth next), and will spend the next few weeks featuring mostly VDC swatches, reviews, fan art, and love.

She works hard to develop this product, and I'm going to show it some love!

The blogger package option I have been purchasing monthly costs $11 (After shipping) for 1 full-size, 1 mini, and 7 sample size eyeshadows, all of your choice. 

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