Sunday, March 3, 2013

Urban Decay - CASUALTY

I own a TON of Urban Decay eye products. Primer potion, eyeliners, makeup setting spray, and of course, many, many, many eyeshadows. They're freakin expensive too, at $19 each. I take advantage of sales and combine them with coupons or gift cards to Sephora every time I purchase, but still, I have invested quite a bit of money into my growing collection.

This past month, I have been living in New Jersey with my cousin and her two girls, ages 2 and 6. I kept my makeup bag well out of reach but one night, as we were getting ready to go out, I put my precious Urban Decay Build-Your-Own Palette on the vanity to use. I got up to grab my clothes from the other room and came back towards the vanity, clothes in hand, talking to my cousin. I didn't notice until a few minutes later that my youngest niece was playing with my palette!!!

Oh my gosh, the horror. I grabbed it from her quick as I could, but not before she turned my brand-new looking and barely used eyeshadow palette into this:

I'M SO SAD!!! This palette was VERY expensive to build and it was quite an investment piece. I'm going to wipe off the top layer and pat things back into place, clean up the palette, and see how bad the damage is. Either way, the dents in everything, especially Last Call, make me very, very sad.

Sad panda. At least I'm blogging again? I've got some other cool swatches and such to put up so I'm going to work on editing up some pictures.


  1. I would be so sad if this happened to me! Glad I don't have any younger siblings or cousins who live with me!

    1. And she's 2, so I couldn't even get mad! D: Things could be worse, she used up more product than I would have in months haha