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F4 Polish - Christmas in NYC 2012 Swatches and Review

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I purchased these six limited edition shades last year. They are not being sold on the Etsy shop any more but I'm sure if you shop around FB nail polish sale/swap groups or blog sales, you might find the ones you like!

I am SO delayed in posting these swatches, there is really no excuse for my laziness. But I figure if anybody ever wants to see swatches of the collection, better late than never :)

Base Colors (Top, L to R) are • OPI Jade is the New Black • Milani White • OPI Greenwich Village •
• Cult Nails Evil Queen • Orly Meet Me Under the Mistletoe • China Glaze Passion •

Collection polishes (Bottom, L to R) are • NYC Christmas Tree • Rockettes • Miracle on 34th Street •
• Sexy in the City • Times Square Holiday • Rockefeller •

Individual swatches and review (picture heavy) below!

1. NYC Christmas Tree (Worn over OPI Jade is the New Black)
REVIEW - This is my FAVORITEEE polish from the entire collection. There are no pictures I'm capable of taking that can do it justice. I wore this over a darker green (Jade is the New Black) and it was GORGEOUS in person. Sparkly and festive, just like a Christmas Tree with it's twinkling ornaments and lights. It captures the very essence of Christmas for me! There is a rainbow of shreds and glitters to mimic the presents we put under our trees and green glitter that just brings a whole new dimension of sparkle to your nails. I was mesmerized and didn't want to take it off to continue swatching!

2. Rockettes (Worn alone) - 2 coats
Review - I know in the above wheel and banner, I was going to layer this over a white, but layering this over an opaque polish ruins the beauty. This is a white squishy, glittery (almost opalescent though) jelly finish! A squishy white jelly. And it's beautiful :) I should have used a 3rd coat for swatches, but in person, it's not as patchy as in the macro shots. First coat will be sheer and scary, second coat begins to level things out, and a 3rd or 4th coat (depending on how thick your coats are) + topcoat will perfect it.

3. Miracle on 34th Street (1 coat over OPI Greenwich Village)
Review - This polish is a complete glitterbomb! Below coverage was just after ONE easy-to-apply coat. All of the glitter is suspended nicely (no shaking needed for me), and though a bit thick because of how packed it is, it applied evenly and easily. 

4. Sexy In The City (2 coats over Cult Nails Evil Queen) 
Review - This polish can be worn alone! Just like Rockettes is a squishy white jelly, this is a red jelly formula with glitter scattered. I found it a little bit difficult to get proper coverage with the glitter as it is really very sparse. Much fishing and dabbing was needed before I was happy with how spread out the glitter was. I put 2 coats over a base red, but 3 coats by itself would be just as appropriate for more of a squishy and semi-opaque look!

5. Times Square Holiday (Worn over Orly Meet Me Under the Mistletoe) and alone

REVIEW - This glitter bomb is packed with black and white shreds along with red and green glitter! I layered 2 coats over Orly, Meet Me Under the Mistletoe. The glitter applied evenly and I had no issues spreading it out and getting intense coverage in just the first coat. While I'm not in love with it (Shards are just not my thing), I did adore the combination with the deep forest green base. It'll be interesting to layer this over reds, whites, golds, and neutral semi-sheer polishes as well! 

6. Rockefeller (2 coats over China Glaze, Passion)
Review - This is a chunkier glitter and requires a few coats of topcoat (I used 2 coats of Seche Vite to try to smooth it out). And it got bumpier by the following morning, so I applied another coat after that. Very top-coat hungry indeed. BUT it looked pretty as anything :) I can see myself layering this over Rockettes OR sandwiching it with Rockettes. In fact, I want to do that now haha.

WOW that was a lot >< These were all swatched on my good friend Issela's nails :) Pictures are taken on my phone (HTC Vivid) with as close to proper lighting as I could manage at night. I need to build a lightbox, seriously!

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