Friday, October 5, 2012

A Week of Pinks

It isn't technically October 7, but I'll be taking a break from wearing Pink on my nails this weekend as I go to take my LSAT exam! It's Saturday morning and my tradition is to wear OPI Tickle My France-y whenever I'm hoping for a spot of luck. 2 successful interviews and many, many finals later, it hasn't failed on me yet! I know it's a mental thing, but I feel confident with that color. It's professional, sleek, and gorgeous! Although I'll be the first to admit it looks nicer when nails are longer, this Saturday is about no-nonsense, no-fuss nail color that'll keep me motivated to ace the test!

So here's what I wore this week -

My cuticles are crusty as hell. Eeeek. Am going to remedy that tonight!
This was just 3 coats of Essie, Madamoiselle. 

Then I posted my NOTD Owl manicure and decided to practice half-moons.
I only wore this for like...a few hours. Way too mismatched, but I'm getting
better at using reinforcement labels and making clean lines.

This is 2 easypeasy coats of OPI, I'm Indi-A Mood For Love
VERY VERY similar to Cult Nails, Bad D.N. (I have that one too, will review
the two of them and compare later!)

And then I got REALLY bored in Creative Writing class and doodled all over
with an ink pen. Same color, just bad lighting. Yay yellow skin.
And then I got ink ALL OVER MYSELF and changed my manicure. Again.
Never worn this much pink in a row IN MY LIFE.
Milani Digital (Pink scattered holographic), 2 Coats :)
The small freehanded tips are Cult Nails, Bad Devious Nature (Bad D.N.)
Hey, I have a limited collection of pinks. Not my favorite color.
Swear, my thumbnail looks all cut at a weird angle but it's straight IRL. Bad shot but the glitter is shiny!
This was 1 coat of All That Glitters, Frantic Romantic over the top of 1 coat of Cult Nails, Bad D.N.
I didn't get any of the good stuff out of Frantic Romantic, there are hearts in there, but the glitter sinks like anything.
Blurred to show you a little bit of the holographic-ness!

ON A COMPLETELY RANDOM AND UNRELATED NOTE, we've had a lot of rain and fog in my town this week! I took this picture when I got off the bus a few nights ago on my walk back to the house from the bus stop :)

I like how wet and foggy and awesome everything looks. My poor camera couldn't handle all the moisture in the air.


  1. I absolutely love all the pinks you have used my fav one is of course the glitter nail polish but the mani that you drew on is so cool and clever.

    1. Aw thank you!! I was just doodling out of boredom :P I might try to recreate something with different colors and nail polish later though