Friday, September 21, 2012

70% off Beauty Haul!!

I won't ramble too much because I doubt any of you all want to feel jealous. Earlier this month I stumbled upon a beauty store that was closing down in the following few days. I walked in and wandered around before stumbling upon a rack of OPI nail polishes!

So I picked one up - My Private Jet - and walked over to ask her how much it would cost. She told me $3.


So I walked back over and began picking more out. Either it's because it was late in the day or it was because there weren't many other people, she told me that I should wait until Monday (I went there Friday) because everything would be 70% off then. I told her I have work, etc etc, and she offered to give me the 70% off now instead.

Yeah. That's DS polishes for $1.88!!!! OMG

I went back Saturday as well for more, but check out my overall haul :)

I Juggle Men, Tickle My France-y, I Don't Give A Rotterdam, Dating A Royal, Give Me Moor, Nein Nein Nein OK Fine

DS Mystery

DS Jewel
DS Classic
DS Treasure
DS Illuminate
DS Glow

DS Extravagence. Also on my hands :)
DS Temptation
DS Reflection
DS Opulence
DS Reserve
I got other non-OPI nail polishes too. Get ready to be even more jealous D: I'm so happy, if I could, I would have bought out the whole shop's OPI collection. Unfortunately, there were too many and my wallet would not be happy.

CND Solar Oil. $1.73 

Four 2.3 bottles of CND Base & Top Coats!! $3 each, the last one was $5, I bought it a separate day.

$3 for the whole set. So much excitement!!

This mini set was only $2. EVEN BETTERRRRRRRRRR 
I was supposed to have 2 others but she put them away, so mean. $3


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so very much :D I'm so pleased by all the pretties!

  2. That's a great haul! But I have to warn you that the Supernail thinner has acetone in it! Check the ingredients - I wouldn't want you to ruin a polish!!!

  3. That is so awesome! Nice haul!!

  4. Woww only $2??? I saw that on Amazon for a LOT MORE last year when I was thinking of getting it for you for Christmas! (I think that was around when)Wow that is amazing can't believe you got the 70% off early, that store lady's reallyy nice.

  5. Was there DS Jealous, too? ;)

    They look so fab!!!

    1. Hahaaa, good one <3 Thank you so much! I was in shock...must hunt for other closing beauty supply stores now