Saturday, August 25, 2012


Hello errybody :)

I'm back from Las Vegas now!! Actually I got back Friday at around 2AM, but I spent most of the day after that asleep. I don't even think I rolled out of bed until ~4PM.

I learned a lot from this blog sale. I learned that, for example, it's a super bad idea to schedule a blog sale two weeks before you schedule a vacation where you won't have internet access for a week. Not doing that again *sheepish*

I'm working as fast as I can to pack everything up, find extra goodies I can include, and get these polishes out to the awesome followers and friends who have paid for them weeks ago. I know that the delay is inexcusable, but I'm really very sorry once more :(

I don't think blog sales are going to be my forte *sigh*

My problem isn't the actual packing of the polish or organizing addresses, etc. My hardest part has been getting the packages to the damn post office. There's nothing walking distance, and I don't own my own car. I may be 21, but life at home is very much dictated by le parents. When I'm in the city for work, the nearest post office is my college mailing center, and they don't allow me the option to include delivery confirmation!

I think the best way around that will be to buy a scale and use the Paypal shipnow option to include free tracking. That way I can use the super-convenient location of the college mailing center and ship things out faster with DC#s!! Right now, the hassle of getting to a post office is really too much.

But I have a ton of packages that I know I can send out tomorrow! Or well, today! Just let me get some sleep for a few hours first haha.

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