Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Hello all! I just remembered that I have Instant Upload set up between my Android phone and my Google+ account. I'm not the biggest fan of G+ in general, but this feature sure is EXTREMELY handy.

The only reason I balk at posting often is because of how much work is involved with uploading pictures, editing and watermarking them, sizing them properly, etc etc.

I have decided not to care much about watermarks for now....should people re-use the pictures, well...I'll consider it a compliment. Honestly, my photos, cuticles, and nails are not all that impressive anyway.

With the creator of TWEE AND HONEY!
MOVING ON - On July 30th, I attended a New York City meetup hosted by Maria of Cult Nails. She organized an event at Bowlmor, Times Square, NYC where us girls could talk nail polish, network, kick back with drinks and food, and of course, go bowling. 

I didn't have my camera, and my phone was dying, but I'm going to photo-spam you with what I do have! SO GET READY!!!

I wore Cult Nails - I Got Distracted on my fingernails. It is GORGEOUS and I'll give it a proper swatch and review later on!

Out and about, you see the polish particles more this way!

So SHINY and holographic even indoors! This is in my basement.

I got to the event and I was VERY nervous. Take a peek at the first image I posted above. Amy of Gotham Polish was there, KelBel Cosmetics was there, and OMG Carly of Lacquered Lover was there. These are some damned popular ladies in their own right, and I was able to interact with all of them!! I met the creative genius behind Twee and Honey as well, who actually brought a special little bottle of her nail polish remover along with a special bottle of a glitter topcoat she made especially for us! It was a limited edition shade she named NYC Cultie Meetup, and I am the proud owner of a bottle!!!!!!

Jessie's Girl was there. You know of the cosmetics brand, right? You better! At first, I thought it would be a PR representative and polish enthusiast but she was actually Jessie's Girl - the daughter of the man who created the brand.

This was nail polish and blogger heaven.

It was like feeling like I belong...our love for polish and bloggers tied us together. I could speak all the jargon I want and I happily chatted away the time!

Maria and her husband are absolute angels. They bring generosity and friendliness to a new level, going so far out of their way to arrange things for absolute strangers, but fans of their polishes nonetheless. They had no reason to host the meetup, or do anything, but instead, I am still speechless over all that they did. I ordered my first legal drink (July 30th was my 21st birthday, and I've been advertising it to the world, so see how sneaky I was about it this time! I am sure you all are tired of hearing about it)

So on account of it being my birthday, our extremely friendly waitress at Bowlmor brought me 2 of the drinks I ordered. I asked her who the other one was for and she said that they had mixed up a little extra, and it was my birthday, so I best not complain ;)

Then on top of THAT, Maria told her to put the drink on her own tab. You see what I mean when I say that I am amazed by her generosity? I don't know that she will ever read this post, but today, August 7, is her birthday....so a big huge happy birthday to you as well Maria!!!

I look pale and ghastly. Blame Flash and my poor attempts at makeup :(
Maria is on the left looking amazing, and I'm on the right haha.


Yep, she is Jessie's girl!




  1. I am so jealous! I wish I lived closer to NYC. I would have been there for sure! I just ordered I Got Distracted from the Cult Nails sale. It looks gorgeous on you!

    1. Bahaha thank you so much! I actually own 2 bottles of it...I won one in a giveaway and got the other in my goodie bag :)

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the meetup posts! It was such a fun night, and Maria really is generous overall and with her time. It was great to meet you too, thanks for the shout-out!

    Agreed about editing and watermarking photos for blogging. It's my least favorite part! But I'm sure with more practice, it will be a lot less time consuming.

    1. This is a really quick post though, it's not as thorough (or outlinked) as it was supposed to be, but I had a friend who was dying to see pictures and get the lowdown!!

      You're right....it will become less time consuming, but nowadays, I spend all my extra time preparing for my LSAT. It's just not the right time to get so involved in blogging I think.

  3. I'm soooo going to the next one,lol...=)

    1. It was amazing! They're such great people <3 It really reaffirmed my love for her brand!