Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 21 - NAIL MAIL!

I arranged two swaps a week and a half ago, and both of my packages arrived in the mail today! I got home after Jury Duty today to find these lovelies at home:

The polishes are (From top to bottom):

Pahlish - Dark Parades
Glitter Gal - 10 to Midnight
Girly Bits - Rogue
a England - St. George
a England - Ascalon
Ludarana - Magnifica
Ludarana - Superior
Ludarana - Show

For these, I traded away 1 OPI, 2 Illamasqua and 3 Butter London nail polishes. Not bad, and my indie stash is growing with the addition of the Pahlish, Glitter Gal, Girly Bits, and aEngland nail polishes!

AND I GOT ST. GEORGE FINALLY, I've been wanting that for a while. It's an absolutely beautiful teal holographic nail polish. Scattered holo.

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