Friday, June 22, 2012

a England - St. George

I received several new polishes in the mail yesterday, and by far the nail polish I was most excited for was a-England, St. George.

It's no secret to my friends and family that teal is my favorite color. When I saw Ommorphia Beauty Bar post these AMAZING and PHENOMENAL swatches of the entire collection, St. George is the one that stood out to me.


I love the bottle and the clear label behind the nail polish bottle. The color itself is amazing in the bottle. There is a strong holographic effect and the nail polish is a lush teal, flashing more blue or more green at different angles. I could not wait to put this on my nails, so of course, it was the first one that I put on.

Not only do I love Adina's a-England line for its rich, pigmented colors, I love it because of the deep connection to the myths of days past. She has released two collections thus far - The Legends and The Mythicals - and both are filled with amazing nail polishes and great names. The power of the names is not lost on nail polish buyers, as the colors pull you into the myth surrounding their names, leaving us enthralled and a little bit breathless.

The application is wonderful, and St. George could even be a one-coat nail polish with careful application and a medium to thick coat. I chose to apply 2 coats on the nail wheel swatches, but on my nail, I layered one coat over Essie, Go Overboard which is a beautiful deep teal creme nail polish. I love it by itself, but today, St. George was on my agenda!

Isn't it beautiful? Please ignore my poor little pinky finger, I squished it in an awkward angle when taking the picture. Focus instead on how rich the color is, and how beautiful the scattered holographic effect really is.

I truly am in love! This was a nail polish I desired for many, many months. It has lived up to, and indeed, surpassed my expectations.

Here, you can see the clear label on the back of the bottle. And my pinky does not look weirdly squished! Yes, the color is really that deep and that gorgeous in real life.

I will rock this polish all the time in the Fall and Winter. For now, I want to enjoy the brighter neons that are trending for the summer.

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