Sunday, March 18, 2012

Waiting for my Cult Nails!

I placed an order for ICONIC, LIVING WATER, MY KIND OF KOOL-AID, AND TOXIC SEAWEED through the Cult Nails shop when Maria of Cult Nails had her $5 off $30 purchase promotion at the end of February.

I am extremely sad (and anxious) to say that I have not seen these polishes yet! This makes me super sad T_T What happened is that she delivered them to my old address =/ I contacted her, and she was super nice about it and offered to resend them to my current address...but I haven't gotten anything yet. I'm sure she's pretty busy packaging and sending out the Divas and Dreams (?) presale packages, but I really really want these polishes!

I had wanted to swatch & wear Toxic Seaweed as my St. Patrick's Day manicure, but alas...that didn't happen. I'll contact her and see if I can get some sort of a tracking # for the polishes, but I don't want to pester her right now. Maybe once she has finished up a bulk of the pre-order sales? *shrug*

If anything, the anticipation has just made me want them more. Especially Toxic Seaweed, it being limited edition and all.

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