Monday, March 26, 2012

Baby Mani - Essie Smooth Sailing + Extra Cuteness

I have an adorable little niece. She's 5 years old now, and unfortunately lives in New Jersey now :( As a result, I don't see her nearly as often as I'd like to! But when I do, she always wants what's on my nails to be on her nails as well. She's sooo cute and I think I may have started a new nail polish fiend. She's obsessed already! I look forward to sharing my goodies with her as she gets older! And she has a younger sister (1 and a half year old and adorableeeeee) as well. She already begs my cousin for permission to paint her younger sister's nails just as I paint hers. On the rare occassion she gets that permission, it's pretty messy. But again, too cute so I'm not complaining.

Last we hung out, I had my NOTD from the previous post on. She wanted something similar, so here's what we did -

Her manicure is obviously the tinier hand. The accent nail has a rose.

Essie Smooth Sailing + Milani Diamond Dazzle

Showing it off!! She was flashing her hands at everybody she saw!

And before I leave, I have one more cute story to share -

While I was doing the rose nail art for the first accent finger, I messed up bigtime. I don't think it looks like a flower at all :( She was fidgeting a bit, and I've never really done roses before either, so it came out looking like a pink blob.

I told her I'm sorry that I messed up the rose, and she responds to me SO SWEETLY, saying: "It's okay aunty, everything you do is beautiful. You tried your best and I love it."

I'm not even paraphrasing, that's exactly what she said. And she's only 5. SO CUTE.

I think I'm on cuteness overload just typing out this post lol. Enjoy (:

OH & as a bonus, here's my Valentine's Day manicure from Feb. and her kiddie version of it. Just for funzies.

Ours -

Here's a closeup of my manicure. The heart glitter was from a sequin/glitter/something pot I bought from Ricky's on sale for $2.

Just for reference, the above manicure was -
OPI Base Coat
OPI Pedal Faster Suzi (2 coats)
Milani Digital (1 thin coat)
OPI Top Coat
+Heart Glitter on accent nail. Individually placed with a dotting tool dipped in a bit of top coat.

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  1. how cute=)

    i love to do my lil' 4 year old sister's nails too:)

    1. Aw thank you so much! Yesss little baby nails are just the cutest!