Sunday, October 6, 2013

My drugstore deals for the week

I haven't updated this website for a long long time. I probably have zero followers again. I had corneal collagen cross linking surgery - Wikipedia it here - and I just stopped caring about updating blogs in general after that It was very depressing to have even more blurry vision than I already had. By the time my first eye healed up enough to wear my RGP contacts again, it was time to start law school! So that craziness happened and next thing I knew, it was October and I had MIDTERMS.

I just finished up those midterms now and had my second cross-linking procedure for my other eye done this past Thursday. I'm back to that miserable depressed and in-pain period following the procedure. I'm wearing sunglasses so I can stand looking at the computer screen, which is at its lowest brightness setting. I walk around in sunglasses basically all day because my eye is so light sensitive.

BUT ABCK TO THE POINT. I came across some pretty awesome deals on Nouveau Cheap this week and I'm going to take advantage of some of them. Read on ^.^

The two deals I'm taking advantage of this week:
  1. Simple Skincare is buy one, get one free (BOGOFREE) at Walgreens. There is also a $2 off coupon available that doesn't apply to wipes, but imma try to use it anyway. Since cross-linking, I can't get water in my eye area until the epithelial layer grows back, so I have been using makeup remover wipes morning/evening to cleanse my face instead. I just ran out of the Alba ones, so I'm going to stock up and take advantage of the BOGOFREE deal.
  2. Disney Villains collections: Since I just wrote about Walgreens, I remembered another good deal for this week. I'm not buying any but the entire Disney Villains collection (the eyeshadow palettes by ELF, the makeup bags by SoHo, the Ardell lashes, etc) are all 25% off this week. If you were interested in an eyeshadow "look book" by ELF, thsi means you get a 6-eyeshadow compact, liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, mascara, and a lipgloss for only $7.50. Somebody is bound to like that deal, right?
  3. Revlon pressed powder! Rite Aid is the better deal if you want multiple products - you get $5 back if you spend $15 on Revlon. BUT I have a 25% off coupon and $3 extrabucks from CVS. I also have a $3 off coupon and a $2 off coupon. So stacking all those means I'm going to walk out with a damn cheap pressed powder. I'll update later to say just how cheap. I want the powder from the nearly naked line, but the $2 coupon doesn't apply to that. Both coupons would apply to the powder from the colourstay line, but that one isn't as good. I'm going to try to use both on the nearly naked one but buy the other one if I must. 
I don't take any credit for finding all these amazing coupons so I won't directly link to them here. Go to Nouveau Cheap's weekly deals page and she links out to all the different manufacturers coupons there. I found my two CVS coupons in my mail b/c they are linked to my card. If you go to a  CVS and scan your card, it'll print you any coupons you have available! The 25% off one should show up, the extrabucks I probably earned from buying something else before.