Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Project No Buy - Week Nine and Ten

On Friday June 7, I had a small little eye operation - called corneal cross linking - on my right eye. I hope that this will strengthen my cornea enough to stop the rogression of kerataconus in that eye. I will hopefully have the same procedure performed on my left eye in three months.

Reco very is going well, but vision is still blah. My right eye's vision is still cloudy and more blurry than usual, and vision won't be restored to pre-operation conditions for the next month or so. The problem is that my glasses alone don't correct my vision and I can't wear contacts for at least the next 4 months and the frustration is just KILLING ME. So so much.

I'm temporarily absolving myself from penalties and sticking to a much looser schedule. I haven't even been able to accomplish any of my blogging goals because turning on my laptop is just not top priority these days. It's too hard and makes me want to cry every time I have to zoom in everything to like 500% only to still struggle to read it and squint like mad, causing my right eye to start hurting. Oh and all this while the laptop is being held up by my hands to be like 4 inches from my face. STILL CAN'T FUCKIN SEE.

-$0 - I would pride myself on self-control but I just haven't left the house much these days

Money in Spending Bank after purchases: $150.44

Weekly Goals -
+$0 Finish swatching & posting at least one VDC eyeshadow collection
       - NOPE
+$0 Finish swatching & posting all Pumpkin & Poppy eyeshadows
       - NOPE
+$0 Catch up with Blog Everyday posts on Controlled Derangement
        - I haven't blogged much because it's so disheartening not to be able to see properly
+$5 Finish sending out ALL pending packages
       - Done!
+$0 Sell at least $150 profit in makeup/nail polish
       - Now that I've taken stock of what I sent out and what's left, I can re-focus on this in the coming weeks though
+$5 Try to help mom around the house more aka suck up to her for future favors
        - Done. Worked like a charm.

Empties - 
+$2 John Freida conditioner - travel size 
+$2 Mini-sized Dove Deo, it also sucked
+$2 Razer, replaced with a new one

Reviews -
+$8 May IPSY bag review - here
+$5 Essence nail polishes & GlitterDaze, Love & Affection - here

Reading -
+$2.74 Taking Flight
+$2.00 I Bring The Fire, Part 1: Wolves (A Loki Story)
+$1.98 I Bring The Fire 2: Monsters (A Loki Story)
+$3.08 Me And My Ghoulfriends (Terrible trash don't bother looking it up)
+$3.04 Revenge Gifts

  1. Finish swatching & posting at least one VDC eyeshadow collection
  2. Finish swatching & posting all Pumpkin & Poppy eyeshadows
  3. Catch up with Blog Everyday posts on Controlled Derangement
  4. Sell at least $150 profit in makeup/nail polish
  5. Send out all international packages & catch up on with my monthly swap group
  6. Do at least one review each for eyes, lips, & face products

($150.44) + ($40.84) = $191.28


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself, getting anything done after surgery is difficult, and I imagine I would probably give up trying to write if I couldn't see well enough! When I scratch my eye sometimes it drives me nuts when I have to zoom in a 1000 times just to remotely make something out, LOL. Hopefully it will all be worth it in the end though!!

    I went a little nuts at the Inglot store in Chelsea Market, I think I need to cut up my credit card now. HAHA. I try to balance it out by telling myself I probably won't make it to PHAMExpo, so it's ok! :-P

    OH and on the Shiro gloss, it's brand new, Caitlin is doing custom lipglosses on any shadow you want(as long as it is lip safe). They are pretty awesome!

  2. I hope your eyes are doing well. Definitely take it easy. I always find that when I am going through something frustrating, being lenient on my low-buys makes me feel better. Sending you my prayers <3