Friday, August 10, 2012

MILESTONE - 50 Followers & Giveaway

Yes!!! On the morning of August 10th, let it be known that this here blog,, did have at least 50 followers on its Google Friend Connect.

Now even if it dips down, I will know that I am capable of reaching this milestone! And if I can touch 50 followers, then I can touch 50 more!!


But while I brainstorm ideas *And wait for you all to comment with suggestions - I'm going to thank you all for hanging out with me on my blog once more! I couldn't be happier, honestly!

In other news - I arranged a swap with Chelsea of The Nail Network but didn't realize she ran that blog until I just opened up her package and saw the card.

Her blog is one of my favorites - you all need to go check her out!

^ Click. She will not disappoint.

But the most humorous part of this whole situation is that while arranging the swap with "Chelsea" I was using HER blog to look up swatches of the polishes I was considering for the swap without even realizing it. I really rely on her blog as she has amazing pictures, descriptions, nails, lighting, and personality! The fact that I spoke with her on FB, befriended her on FB, etc etc...this world of nail polish is just opening wider and wider for me and I'm thrilled to be delving in!

SEXUAL INNUENDOS ASIDE, wanna see what I got from her? i bet you do, so wait for the next post. It's a swap haul one :D


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    2. Thank you so much!! I wouldn't be here without every single one of my followers though, so thanks to you too!!

  2. Congratulations Miss Pryanka! I enjoy your blog so much, thanks for doing it:)

    1. Yayyy thank you! And without loyal followers like YOU, I wouldn't have been able to make this far w/o becoming discouraged. I'm so glad you enjoy my lil blog!