Tuesday, August 14, 2012

F4 Pink Penguin - Swatches & Review

If you missed out on the first review I wrote on F4's wonderful nail polishes, click me!

Hi guys!!

Today I want to show you some pictures I took when I wore my second F4 nail polish! I received 5 polishes in my first order placed on their website, and instead of putting them all in one swatch & review post, I want to break them up as I wear them so I can enjoy how beautiful and gorgeous they are!

The next nail polish I wore is Pink Penguin, a beautiful mix of small black and white glitters with medium-sized pink hex glitters thrown into the mix to keep things interesting. It is loaded with these matte glitters, and really easy to build up to full coverage on its own. For the sake of removal though, I prefer layering.

You can purchase F4 polishes via their Etsy shop. You can also follow them via their Facebook to keep updated on restock information, etc etc.

I already had on my daisy jelly sandwich and thought I would play around with Pink Penguin and layer it over the whole shebang before taking it off. I figured I already had on 6 layers, how much more could another layer hurt? Also, I personally find it easier to take off glitter if it's on top of some non-glittery polish rather than close to my nail. It could all be in my head, who knows.

Pictured below are my right and left hands. My left hand has Daisy from Amy's Nail Boutique under it (as in my previous NOTD post) and my right hand has Pink Penguin on top of my OPI jelly sandwich (OPI Care to Danse and Pirouette My Whistle)

Right hand - F4 Pink Penguin over OPI care to danse/pirouette my whistle
The pinkie's a bit sparse. Whoops

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ & just because this looked like a cool shot

I wore them this way for like 3-4 days and only took them off because I'd had on the OPI jelly sandwich, which was the original mani that started this glitter layering frenzy, for over a week and it was looking all kinds of worn down and crappy. I did NOT tire of this polish at all, it was so quirky and with the yellow and orange glitters of Daisy peeking through, just cute as hell. 

The glitters were perfect - application was easy and the formula is not too runny or sparse that you have to dab or fish for glitters, nor is it so full of glitters 

F4's next restock will be August 22nd so look out for 'em! They are three of the most wonderful people I've met in the nail polish making community. Amazing customer service, and they really go out of their way, above and beyond, for every customer who purchases from them. 


  1. I'm in love with this glitter I'm a huge sucker for anything glitter I'm so going to order when are back in stock thanks for the new mani and new nail polish that I'm going to be getting haha yeah :)

    1. Yay! You liked the other F4 polish I posted too I think...did you ever buy Shellie?
      If you want, I can give you swatches of the other 3 I got (Hawaiin Punch, Stormy Night, and Piper) so you'll more of an idea of which polishes you want. Although honestly....you're totally going to want them all.

      Leave them an Etsy message after you buy and tell them that Pryanka, the girl they surprised on their 21st, sent you! Not that it'll get you preferential treatment, but I want them to know how much I love em LOL

    2. Yeah I got Shellie I love it so much thank you for the mani. That would be great if you can do the other swatches I would love it! I will leave them a message the more love for nail polish I can spread the better. Also have fun in Las Vegas I lived there for 4 years there is so much to do your going to have a blast!