Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer Challenge - Beach


When I go to the beach, I do the most in-your-face nails I can think of. It's how I have fun, and how I get compliments when my manicure glitters in the sun. This time, when I did my beach-themed nails, I chose to play around with some of my new holographic polishes! If you saw my nail mail posts, you know which ones I'm talking about - LUDURANA! 

This is Ludurana - Superior. A gold linear holographic. 2 coats

After applying 2 coats of the gold holographic, I sponged the tips with some blue holo polish - 

Sponged tips with Ludurana - Magnifica. Pre-cleanup, excuse the extra polish!

After that was done, I painted the whole nail over with one easypeasy coat of Pretty & Polished - Sand Art. It's a matte glitter, but I did put top coat on afterwards because I wanted it glossy for when I went to the beach later that week. I also wanted to make sure it would stay intact until then!

The complete look. Beach theme complete :)


  1. Super cute I love the those colors. Very sparkly!!

    1. Thanks! I wish my camera could have done it better was very holographic in person!