Friday, July 6, 2012

July 5 - NAIL MAIL!

Nail Pattern Boldness - I Believe I Can Fly, Purple Rain ; Pretty and Polished - Green Garden, Sand Art ;
365 Days of Color - Now In Technicolor ; HITS No Olimpo - Hestia ; Utopia Polish - Gumdrops

Today was a great day in the mail :) I received two Etsy orders - From Pretty & Polished and from Nail Pattern Boldness that I was really, really looking forward to. I also received my swap package from a lovely nail polish addict (like me) that included some great lemmings! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!

Now wasn't this an amazing swap?? Let's move on with the pictures and nail wheel swatches :) Enjoy! Stare. Ogle in jealousy ;)

Pretty & Polished - Green Garden, Sand Art
Back of bottle - look at all the pretty glitters!

Pretty and Polished, Green Garden - Shown here over Mattese Elite, Neon Twiggie

Pretty and Polished, Sand Art - Shown here over OPI, Fly

The next package was a swap from one of my friends in the Nail Polish Exchange group on Facebook. She sent me [Left to Right] Utopia Polish, Gumdrops ; 365 Days of Color, Now in Technicolor, and HITS No Olimpo - Hestia

Utopia Polish, Gumdrops - Shown here over Essie, A-Crewed Interest
Super pretty! Dense enough in 1 coat, and not too hard to place. Love it over the peach.
365 Days of Color, Now in Technicolor - Shown here over Wet N' Wild, Rain Check

I know, I know...the HITS is supposed to come next, but I took these pictures in lighting where the holographic effect wasn't being given enough justice. So we're skipping it for now!

Thank you so much for the swap, and for the lovely little extra as well. (The nail art stickers are gorgeous!)

Next in the lineup is the two polishes I ordered from a new Nail Polish Etsy shop - Nail Pattern Boldness. She's recently begun making and selling indie polishes, and thus far, she has been amazing! I love both of the nail polishes I received, but I will be swatching and wearing them on my nails rather than posting fake nail wheel swatches like I did for the above. So the swatches will get their own post later.

The polish arrived in this cute little satchel! How adorable.

Also in the satchel was a beautiful mini envelope. I <3 that color.

What a thoughtful and pretty thank you note!

I bought Purple Rain and I Believe I Can Fly this time.


Pretty and Polished

Full bottles are $8.50. Mini Bottles are $4.75

Utopia's Polish

Full bottles are $9.00. Mini Bottles are $4.50

365 Days of Color

Full bottles are $8.00. Mini Bottles are $4.50

Nail Pattern Boldness

Full bottles are $6.00 - $7.00. Mini Bottles are $3.00 - $4.00
*These are her introductory prices. As the shop gains reputation and popularity, she will likely increase prices. Buy while you can girls!

Wow, that was a really long post. I hope I didn't lose you guys, and that you liked the swatches! I'll review and talk about polishes when I wear them in proper manicures, don't worry!


  1. I love anything glitter especially nail polish all of these are so beautiful. I'm so in love with gumdrops it's my favorite:)

    1. I loove Gumdrops! It was really easy to place the glitters too, and I love how thin they are :) When they overlap, they make new colors lol.