Thursday, June 13, 2013

IPSY June 2013 Unveiling

Hello errybody!! I can't properly swatch and review these things yet, as I need to use them over a period of time before I can give you an honest opinion. HOWEVER, what I can do is show you what I received and give you my initial thoughts. I can say though, that I am most impressed!! But that's nothing new, Ipsy outdoes themselves every month and sets the bar a little bit higher.

I'll preface the pictures with a brief note for those of you who don't already know: I had an eye procedure done this Friday (Corneal Cross Linking if you're interested) and am still recovering. from this. I also cannot wear contact lenses and my vision with Kerataconus is seriously distorted and impaired. Doing this is hard for me but not doing it is even more frustrating, so just bear with me. The quality of Photoshopping is probably crap and I'll cringe and die when I see my graphics with my contacts on but alas, enjoy.

Those are the five products in the Glambag! I received a bonus 6th item if your sleuthing eyes discovered it in the initial photographs :) For every two referrals you receive from friends you convince to subscribe to Ipsy, you receive a free additional item in your own glambag!! I managed to get two referrals last month, but after my May bag was already packed up. Last month, there was a limited edition of Urban Decay  (Value: $19) Moondust eyeshadows given out, but I missed out. The other option was a bracelet from Bauble Bar, and that is the bonus item I received in my bag. 

It is rather pretty, but I know for sure I would never pay full price for it otherwise. I don't see the retail value for it anywher currently but I'm assuming they sell it for $15 or so plus shipping. As pretty as it is, I wouldn't pay more than like $5 for something that simple. Maybe I'm just too stingy.

I'll have a proper review later with more talking and opinions and swatches and such :) Issela's June glambag had some different items from mine so hopefully, she will be able to review these for you all as well!

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