Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pretty and Polished Purchases

I bought my first "INDIE" polishes today! (If Cult Nails doesn't count? If it does, then this is my second Indie brand)

Pretty and Polished opened her Etsy shop yesterday at 7PM EST. She restocked many of her favorites, including my favorites:

  • Bayou Blitz
  • Jawbreaker
  • Candy Coated
  • Hearts and Daggers (Reminds me of Hole-Hearted)
  • Party on my Yacht
She opened her shop at 7:00 PM. I quickly put full-sized Bayou Blitz, Candy Coated, Hearts and Daggers in my cart along with minis of Party on my Yacht and Jawbreaker.

At 7:05, when I went to check out and pay via Paypal, I managed to only sneak out with 2 of the full-sized polishes, all the others got dropped because they sold so quickly! Shopping was such a rush, it reminded me of the days I crazily refreshed on Neopets during Limited Edition Pet days or 3AM restocks and avatar/sidebar releases. Ridiculousness and such.

Chelsea sells full-sized bottles for $8.50 and mini polishes for $4.75 each. I cannot wait for the new polishes to arrive so I can swatch them!!! I'm extremely excited. 

I can't even find nice pictures for Hearts and Daggers so maybe I'll try to submit my own macro shots when the bottle arrives? I can try, even if she doesn't end up using them right? Worth a shot for sure, I think.

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